Warning - Mysterious System Crash

Just been doing some investigative reading on various bits and bobs on this site.


When all of a sudden my PC shut down gave me the blue screen of death and started memory dump etc etc, my PC is a clean system, free from virii and behind an adequate firewall,I have a fair bit of knowledge in the IT field of things such as hacking,trojans etc however can't help being slightly paranoid about what has just happened, due to some of the sensitive (and all the b/s !) info on the site, whether its coincidence or not. Please be aware.
Hang on while I click on to it...................lol
Nag Im not promoting the site just wondering if anyone else had had a similiar problem,just seemed weird that it suddenly happened when as I say I have been running fine, sh1t like that is always worth posting. Cheers MiB, as you say I aint had no probs before thats why I brought it up.
I have no probs with it, put it down to (most likely OS you're using) Windows living up to it's reputation. May have been a function call in the script of the site that your machine did not like ie a legit call that referenced a corrupt file on your system or something along those lines... Most likely to be a one of caused by something else on your machine, unless you can reproduce the fault on the site again, I doubt there is much in the way of code on standard websites that can lead to instant blue screen of death...

Good way to both promote a site and harm its rep though.

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