Warning- Japanese Tsunami Fundraising Scam....

All arrsers are urged to be aware of Japanese scammers trying to make money out of the recent disaster. I saw one interviewed on telly asking for donations and the pikey cunt had three fishing trawlers and a bullet train parked in his driveway.
Collections are now being taken on behalf of the Japanese Olympic Surfing Team, which has arrived in London 15 months early.

edited to add - apologies, found this joke has already been made on another thread.
My missus thought it was a real earthquake and tsunami, silly cow! It's obviously just a PR stunt. Look at the overalls the government spokesman wears, seen it before? It's all a trailer for the new B movie "Godzilla get his big fucking lizard arse fried again."

Compassion, well they didn't have very much of that for my uncle Jack!
I'll say one thing for the Japanese: When it comes to taking mass casualties, they're well stand up - they can take it as well as give it. They've had their moments of rambunctiousness over the years, (The Rape of Nanking comes to mind), but when it's their turn to partake of the sh1tty stick, they take it like men.
Watched a BBC reporter interviewing a bar owner in the area. Apparently trade has been quiet for the last few days but the locals are starting to drift back in!

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