Warning. Grim Times Ahead

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Seadog, Aug 7, 2005.

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  1. http://news.independent.co.uk/uk/politics/article304303.ece

    I'm surprised at The Independent running this scary story, Yasim Alibhai Brown must be doing star jumps but I don't doubt the prediction for a moment.

    Then what will we do?
  2. I think it is a warning of a potential for insurgency rather than a definite prediction. The potential threat posed by a "fifth column" waiting direction from outside is scary. The correct combination of circumstances could indeed lead to mayhem.

    This is an illustration of the disgraceful situation the nation is in, with open borders and a government more interested in lying about the shambles that is our immigration system, rather than doing anything about it.
  3. So long as police do not run out of ammunition by allocating 8 rounds for all, who cares? Let them insurge - dropping them cheaper and quicker than deportation.
  4. Maybe I'll be issued a gun again :D
    To be honest bring it on aslong as I get to fight back about time we re-take the country!
  5. When not at work I shall wear my tin Air Raid Warden's hat and prepare steaming mugs of tea and piles of bacon sandwiches for the nice young squaddies at the CP at the end of my road.

    With suitable re-education by a crack Home Office department these men could be urgently re-brigaded into the TA and sent to Eye-Wrack.

    I feel much better; four hundred more of us versus ten thousand? I was recently asked to re-authorise as an AFO, too.

  6. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    All thanks to the PC brigade!
  7. "Ahh but.." Says the nice govement spinning top ".. all these scary naughty types couldn't possibly get hold of a nasty weapon like an AK47 because of our brilliant stance against all legal gun ownership.

    And in other news IRA cells are disposing of thousands of firearms every week."

    Cynical? Moi?
  8. More alarmingly:

    Hey lets see, first the amred services, now the police, whats next to be overstreatched?... oh sorry I forgot, that word isn't in New labour jargon. :roll:
  9. Oh I'm bloody terrified. Don't these 10's of thousands have to get their hands on weapons and military explosives as well? Scary scary scary , I shall be hiding under my bed. Absolute scaremongering bolloox. The London Bombers used homebrew. To arm cells even well below this scale, would be an immense undertaking, which would require a foreign government to fund. (Libya and the IRA). Are they saying this is possible right under the noses of SIS and the Police?

    I would be more scared, if this "source" AKA "Private security consultant chopper who reads far too much Clancy" had said ' If 1 to 10 heavily armed men walked up and down Oxford Street cabbing at passers-by etc"

    Military service is compulsory in a lot of countries, and some countries have fought wars. What this tool is saying, is that everyone who has ever fought a war in an African or Middle Eastern sh*thole , comes here, and is only waiting for the codephrase to launch bloody havoc and mayhem.

    I'm surprised the Independant published this scaremongering , sensationalist shite too.
  10. Ten Michael Ryans/Thomas Hamiltons in Oxford Street rigged to go bang when their hearts stop (plod shoots them-to howls of indignation) was what crossed my mind.
  11. I want to know why The Independent ran this. It's prime Sunday Times fodder really.

    Unless the narrative is "look where Tony's Iraq policy has gotten us" rather than the more accurate "look what shite border controls, slavish adherence to Article 3 of the ECHR and a PC-ridden Asylum policy has gotten us."

    PTP's point about procurement for this ghost army of 10,000 Jihadists is spot-on. Then again, the scenario Seadog paints ^ isn't exactly Tom Clancy-esque any more is it?

  12. It is claimed that the attorney general is considering charges of treason against 3 people.

    "Hmm, " he said as he scratched his chin, "yeah right." Mrs Bliar and her ambulance-chasing chums will be onto this one in seconds and it won't survive an appeal under ECHR even if a judge doesn't throw any such charges out.

    This is more smoke and mirrors to make it appear HMG is doing something.


  13. ...Late of "Matrix" the left-wing Human Rights chambers that boasts none other than Cherie Booth, QC, as a partner. Bingo!

  14. Reads like some journo. w"""""r's wet dream/nightmare. I don't doubt that there are other cells of terrorists read and willing to kill and die for their cause. But thousands? I doubt it. I'd be surprised if there were more than a hundred hardcore - willing to die as long as they take real people with them - terrorists in this country. Plus a few hundred others who will provide logistics, safehouses, intel. and recon. of targets etc.
    I'm not downplaying the threat. A small group of utterly ruthless, commited terrorists can cause damage out of all proportion to it's size. But thousands of terrorists? Full-scale insurgancy in the UK? I smell s"""e.