Warning: Crap Film Potential..

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Rocketeer, Jun 2, 2005.

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  1. well it is official, Sly Stallone is so skint for money he's going to pimp himself out for a some quick cash and has agreed to make a RAMBO 4..
    if he can squeeze his middle aged spread butt into the camo pants and find the red bandana at the bottom of the laundry hamper he'll be scrambling back onto the silver screen..

    the ' plot' ,such as it is, seems to be about him coming out of retirement to deal with nasty drug folk who are threatening his family [ gee, that's original ] ..anyway Sly is penning this opus himself and has a hand in the production, casting, and other behind the camera aspects as well as strutting his now wrinkled face and ' mature' physique at the local multiplex..

    one film I won't be mortgaging the house to see...
  2. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear,

    This is now getting rather desperate, Stars should learn when they have made classic films, in there youth to just leave them alone when they are older.

    Clint east wood realised he was no longer young enough to play a shootem up cowboy, but managed to act his way through one (cant remember the name of it, but it also had morgan freeman in it aswell). Least this guy has skill.

    But to go for yet another rambo, is just silly.
    First blood part one :- classic
    Rambo:- OTT but still watchable
    Rambo part 3 :- anti Russian, and up the afgan rebels, with sa hind helicopter flying into tank as a big final scene :- crap

    What going to be the big ending for this one? Single handedly taking out a whole drug cartel, and having the house blow up at the end?
    Sounds more like a remake of arnies commando!!

    Next he will be doing another rocky!!

    When will it end! Please just let it end!

  4. On a related note, Harrison Ford has been mumbling to our local media about how he'd really like to make another Indiana Jones movie.

    Have you SEEN the guy lately?? 8O
  5. Re: "Indy 4"

    George Lucas and Steven Spielberg just came to an agreement on the script for such a film. All it takes is Ford's seal of approval* and that's it.

    *Whether this means he's going to be in it, I don't know; maybe Ford has rights to the character, or something.
  6. I hoped this was a hoax - but it´s offical

    This sounds like a mixture of Arnie Schwarzeneggers "Commando" and Chuck Norris "Delta Force 2/3/4/5".
  7. Oh great - a truly ageist plot-line. Fight to release your 10yo daughter from white supremacists but leave your (80, going on 300yo) mother at the mercy of Big Brother.
  8. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    More like Indy 500
  9. Bad guys are Aryan Nation rejects?.. Well, I suppose that makers a nice change from Muslim fanatics..don't suppose Brad Pitt will reprise his role from Fight Club for this one...