Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by welshhammer, Oct 22, 2007.

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  1. I've just read an article in Pt Ones, and feel that we should all know whats just happened. There has been a change to our pensions to the following.....

    Currently the you can commute 50% of the amount of your pension earned until 55 years old. Due to ANOTHER contract change WEF 06 Apr 06 any service after this date you can only commute 25% of your pension.

    Yes this means less in your lump sum, more in your pension and more for the government to TAX. !!!

    So once again we, the Armed Forces get bent over and royally bummed for the sake of the government .... Cheers Prime Minister
  2. i must have been asleep or not alert to that one, when did it come out and what was said roughly
  3. Can't remember when, it all came out 7 or so weeks ago. It is due to a change in Pension law, not the AFPS itself. Hunt about for the full detail.
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  5. Is ANYONE surprised? 'Bottler' Brown has one eye, sorry one idea - TAX, TAX TAX. No that is not three ideas
  6. will need to read old comments, but just annoyed that due to yet another change by bottle brown my lump sum is smaller, my pension is bigger which means my monthly income is bigger enabling the tax man to grab a bit more and the CSA to grab more meaning .... LESS FOR MY LUMP SOME AND LESS FOR MY MONTHLY PENSION ........ Thanks for f**k all
  7. and even less for people planning on using the lump sum towards a house deposit :roll:
  8. You should've kept you c*ck in yer pants then. :D
  9. sorry buddy, didnt realise that you knew i was paying to look after your brothers and sisters