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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by richie_n69, Sep 4, 2006.

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  1. Just a bit of a warning about the so called IN-DEPTH repair programs, picked up our Seddon Atkinson from the IDR program in Bovington and it had a number of faults. Most worrying was all the wheel nuts on one wheel station were only finger tight!!!
    I wasn't impressed to say the least being as i had just travelled 200 miles back to camp to find my wheel hanging on by a thread.
  2. You did your first works then
  3. you check your wheel nuts when you buy a car or get it back from the garage?
  4. Urm, yea actually.
  5. Basic drills - First Parade Service, especially when collecting from outside agency
  6. dont think you guys are getting my point, it was a warning not a chance to pick people up on the 'drills'. ah well take the friendly advice or leave it!
  7. Friendly advice taken, and friendly banter given in return.

    Moral of the story - Trust no one. Ever. Nobody. Especially not ABRO though.

    Oooooh 100 posts. I always hoped it would be something really juicy
  8. I got the point - you didn't do First Parade and are now counting your lucky stars that you "just travelled 200 miles back to camp to find my wheel hanging on by a thread"
  9. All spanner monkeys have bad days. One incident does not a bad agency make! I could name plenty of times when REME individuals have forgotten things, they could no doubt return the favour too.

    It does highlight the point that picking a wagon up from a repair agency does merit a higher than normal keen-ness on a first parade check. The thing's been stripped and put back together afterall...

    Oh, and highlights the point you didnt do a first parade or halt parade on your journey back maybe..

  10. Ditto. If the wheel/s have been off, they tend to tell you to check the wheelnuts after 50 miles. See the folder they give you a Kwikfit receipt in..
  11. well i know ill get ripped for this but,
    its in the docs which they have singed to 'torque wheel nuts' under table 7!but its only a visual check on the first parade!!

    so let the obuse comence.
  12. anyway my main point was to highlight that if you have any lads going to pick anything up to be aware of this.

    ive spoke to the project manager and he agrees that it should not of left the workshop in that condition!
  13. Next question has to be - when did you notice "the wheel nuts on one wheel station were only finger tight!!!

    Was it:

    a. When nice REME bod noted it on "In Inspection Report" and irate MT SSGT read Insp Report

    b. When said loose wheel overtook you outside the Guardroom and booked in before you

    c. On carrying out Last Parade

  14. none of the above
  15. I think that negative reply is more worrying than my suggested reply!