warning about those all "home" videos!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Fang_Farrier, Jan 25, 2006.

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  1. Fang_Farrier

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    09:00 - 24 January 2006
    An Inverness woman snapped after her estranged husband left an embarrassing video cassette "of a personal nature" on a public path near her home.

    But Jacqueline Bruce, 36, was yesterday let off with a court warning after admitting assaulting husband Stephen and writing off his car with a baseball bat.

    Bruce butted him in the face outside his home at 40 Walker Crescent, giving him a bloody nose, Inverness Sheriff Court heard.

    The unemployed mother-of-three damaged the rear windscreen, headlights and tail-lights of the car with the bat and when her husband tried to calm her down, the assault took place.

    Depute fiscal Karen Stewart said the car would have cost £857 to repair but was written off.

    Bruce, of Kenneth Place, admitted charges of vandalism and assault but was admonished by Sheriff Derek Pyle.

    Solicitor Marc Dickson told the court that the couple had an acrimonious split five years ago but had continuing difficulties.

    He said Bruce had taken out an interdict and non-harassment order against her husband after unwarranted messages and correspondence from him.

    Mr Dickson added that on the day of the incident, June 18, Mr Bruce had left a video of "a personal nature" on a pathway near his wife's home.

    "He hoped it would be found by children who play in the area or other members of the public and it would have caused extreme embarrassment."

    Mr Dickson said that Bruce intercepted the video but snapped.

    He said: "It was the final straw. She cycled round to his house and damaged his car."
  2. In my case 'his car' would be code for his balls, which I would have ripped off and stuffed in a food blender.....

    beebs :)
  3. She was in the wrong of course, for not batting him in the bolloks instead. What a sick fcuk - imagine his own kids found it.
  4. He got off lightly then. If I was in her shoes the guy wouldn't have been able to speak for at least another month or so, let alone press charges.
  5. No critique, merely observation: it's interesting to speculate on the gender of those of you who have been moved to post your sympathy for the assailant... :lol:
  6. Anyone got a copy of the vid? :twisted:
  7. How's about this one for ya?
    If she'd come at me with a bat I would've chined the b1tch!
  8. Yeah. I would pop it round, but some b1tch has knackered my car.
  9. No sympathy for either.

    Hell have no fury and all that.

    By all means make a video BUT you don't give it to your other half FFS...if you fall out its gonna be the first thing he uses against you.

    So word of advice, make a video with your other half girlies make sure its YOU that keeps it!
  10. Why, BBC! How many videos do you have? :twisted:
  11. Earth calling mereminx... What kind of bloke would agree to that, it would totally nullify the point of making the thing in the first place!
  12. Oh sorry forgot its only blokes that like that sort of thing! :roll:
  13. I'd be interested to see the sentence passed on a bloke who cycled round to his ex girlfriends, headbutted her in the face, and smashed up her car with a baseball bat!

    I'd bet he'd get more than a court warning, a good chance of custodial!

    double standards or what?
  14. Bat, none, I'm a layyyyydeeeeeeee........

    Scaley, to bloody true! Especially if you need the vid to reminise about how you used to be able to go at it.... ;)

    Fas, totally! I have every sympathy with the silly cow! Next time she'll think twice about leaving anything the nutty unwarranted messages making tit can use against her!

    If it was the other way round would my reaction differ? Nope, everyone who knows my views on fruit loop money grabbing access denying slack arrse'd females... I'm an equal opportunity nasty witch! :D Just this time the victim was female.

    Beebs x
  15. He obviously had no eye for business, could have gone round all the neighbours on a leaflet drop offering copies of "Local Dirty Housives 3" for £2.50 a shot payable to an anonymous P.O. box , 100 blank videos about £50 total return less costs and time 200 notes! bargain!