Warning about Mobile Discounts!

Discussion in 'Forces Discounts' started by sammym, Nov 4, 2012.

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  1. Just a heads up.

    Just got myself a shiny new iphone 5. Armed with my MOD90, the only place who had it in stock were Phones4U... Who told me I'd get my 20% off (this is an upgrade) for being in MOD. Just needed to fill in the online form or call them. He even did the calculations for me showing it would be £29.80 a month as apposed to £37.

    Just read the terms and conditions on vodafone's website! No discounts from carphone warehouse/Phones4U etc...

    So basically I have been truly skanked. Thinking I might take it back under my cooling off period saying the signal is shit. Given that if I'd have waited I'd have got exactly the same deal from vodafone store (they just didn't have any in stock).

    So yep. Basically take this piss, call me a mong, but be warned.
  2. Good warning. I very nearly did the same thing myself but the ever so kind lass in the p4u store quietly told me that I would have to go to a proper Vodafone store to get the discount.
  3. Used to get a lot of problems like this when I used to work in a Vodafone store. Real headache when it essentially boils down to sales people bullshitting unwitting customers for an easy sell. (yeah I know, thats standard salesperson behaviour). Hated working in a phone shop as many of the days problems stemmed from other stores mis-selling contracts, or misinforming customers.
  4. This is a warning for others.

    But I won't take it lying down. I have called Vodafone and told them I was told to call for the discount. The bloke grumbled about it, but says he has filled out the form. If I do not get the email back within the next 13 days I will be going to Phones4U and explaining why I am unhappy, and saying I want to return the phone because of the crap signal.

    I can't comprehend how I can have exactly the same package but be refused the offer because I brought it from the wrong type of store. I can only assume that these chain phone stores take a big slice of the pie. But as far as I am concerned I am happy to pay 30 quid a month, I am not prepared to pay 37. Call me tight or whatever, but I only have a certain amount of money and would rather waste it on beer.
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  5. Good stuff. Keep on top of it as like all big companies, they'll stiff you if they can get away with it. I got royally shafted by orange once. Buggers
  6. Good spot, just a quickie,aren't O2 doing 20% off as well now?.
  7. I think so. However I was already on vodafone. And the hassle of changing (I know you can port it, but that's an effort as well) my number was more hassle than any potential saving. Infact I think most phone operators now have some sort of discount. Like everything though, its all in the fine print.
  8. Had a salesman lie outright to me before. He really wanted me to switch contracts, but when I questioned how this new contract had a lower data limit, he said that it didn't matter and you'd only get a warning when you go over. Bullshit, I got charged like 20 quid for going over the data limit!
  9. I'm on a sim only deal with O2 and managed to reduce my monthly bill by £6.
    But get treated like a pay monthly punter until i told them i was thinking of leaving
    The hey presto i start getting offered 50-70% off a new phone.

    But i dont trust any of the mobile companies as they are all out to make money off the customer!
  10. What ???? Are you really suggesting that phone companies are out to make money from customers? How very dare they! And in other news ............. bears seen wandering towards wood clutching loo roll.
  11. Be wary of any discount offers, you need to know the price, shop around, push for a discount.
  12. I took it as a joke. I don't think anyone has a problem with a private company making money. However, I did start this trying to warn people about potentially losing a discount worth hundreds of pounds which they are entitled too. So lets not **** it up by arguing about irrelevant things.
  13. True. Generally you can do better. I think mobile phone's are the exception to the rule. And the MOD discounts work well. On decent phones, companies are unwilling to budge much. And 20% is a reasonable saving.
  14. Why are you going back complainingof signal? Just complan about the sale method.

    And don't go rushing out to buy flash gizmos... You're life's shit, get over it.


    iPhone 6 comes out next month, download the app.
  15. Out of interest & without wanting to start another thread, but how do these discounts normally apply? Is it normally a quick flash of the MOD90 or do they actually verify the service number somehow with the MOD? Always been curious about that!