Warner Brothers & Leonardo DiCaprio , Film on FRU.

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by mess_tin, May 8, 2006.

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  1. So is this film going to be based around the true story of how an AMERICAN special operative saved the whole British people from the Irish Terror campaign? Hollywood + Facts + Truth = My Arrse ..... Just like how they showed the world they were the first to capture and use the German Enigma machine.

    Lets hope this costs DeCaprio a lot of money in the courts and he doesn't get to make his film :)

  2. Yep,it'll end up with Hummers manned by u.s special forces roaring down the Falls Rd to rescue cowering Brit soldiers from republican freedom fighters who are led by a heroic gerry adams.
  3. More than likely its about an Irish-american soldier who is on exchange with british forces when he is reluctantly forced to infiltrate a terrorist organisation.
    once inside he sees the injusticies meted out by the British on the poor Welsh people (its american, right) he decides to fight back.
    Finally the British government is forced to sign the April Fools day agreement which allows Wales to seced from the Union and form its own democratically elected government, with a constitution and bill of rights. But, this only occurs after Leo, Gerry Adams (George Clooney in a beard) Martin McGuinness (Brad Pitt), Gerry Kelly (Wesley Snipes) and other highly trained members of the PIRA special forces unit travel round the world rescuing such innocents as colombian FARC, Al-Quaeda, Fidel Castro from British forces, finally culminating in their assault on the Falkland islands freeing it from British tyranny and returning it to American freedom!

    I liked this bit in the interview - “It’s an important story and we want to have guardianship of the project,” said Ingram. “I wouldn’t want Leonardo DiCaprio playing the major part in it. I want a serious actor because it is a serious subject."
  4. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Then get Sean Bean!! I mean,can you seriously take anyone with a name like Leonardo seriously in a action film?That's like Bruce Willis playing a Ballet Dancer!
  5. Why not get Mel Gibson? Ideal candidate since he's spent a career making historically dubious anti-British crap.
  6. Mel Gibson is busy making 'our stand against the Nazis' where a Hard pressed America is supplied with materials to carry on fighting the war after hocking herself to the teeth with debt and allow the RAF to have permant bases in the USA for 99 years :p The UK eventually joins the war when Skegness is bombed without warning by the Japanese.

    Being Serious if the director stays true to the facts, casts the right people, I would pay money to go see the film.

  7. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    I had to laugh at this
    What a terrifying thought: the head of the nutting squad was a 4'6" American dwarf...
  8. They're gonna have to go some to beat the infamous meat 'n' two veg scene in "The Crying Game" but then I always thought DiCaprio was more Martha than Arthur, so if anyone can carry it off, he can.
  9. Harry's Game: 2 - The Americans Save us Again.

    Having seen how American films based on true stories/facts actually bear no resemblence to history or the truth, this should be a righ cake n arrse party!

    I was thinking of Gibson as Adams. (would love to hear the accent)
  10. Sean Bean was excellent in Patriot Games. He can certainly act and his accents are superb. There was Sheffield with a bit of somewhere down south, then Belfast Sheffield, then Sheffield, then Irish Sheffield and all in the same role. Superb acting.