Warned for Ops then receive posting order

I was informed in December that I am on the Orbat for my units upcoming tour in H15. I've been doing a couple of courses to prepare for the tour and completed the OpTAG ARB etc, but last thing on Friday I checked my JPA workflow notifications and found that I have received an Assignment Order with an LTA of Jun 11. With it being a Friday afternoon, I've not had a chance to speak to my CoC about this, so was just wondering before I start looking forward to a new posting whether the Assignment order or the Op tour takes priority. Any advice anyone can give would be appreciated, cheers.
Wait until monday and chat with your CoC.

Were you due posting? I'd imagine you can still go on tour with this unit mind.

If it is a nice posting you could always ask to go thre instead.
I was originally due posting a month after the date of this posting, ie due 27th july, this posting 27th june. I was since told I was extended until Oct 2012 which is my class 1 date. I've posted on the REME forum to find out if it is a decent posting so I am ready to fight either way.
mate I had the same thing, told i was deploying on ops, next thing i knew i had a two week posting order to sunny pirbright. Kick in the balls, so hopefully you will get what you want.

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