Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by viglen, May 23, 2007.

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  1. I have searched for a topic but didnt see anything just curious of how you all warmup like before Press ups sit ups and a jog.

    Doing athletics at school i know of basic stretches but still pulled a few muscles when jogging and doing press ups, Any tips?
  2. 20 minute warm up is the norm with most things (I think).

    Don’t know the fancy names for warm up exercises but stretching your whole body is good way to start. I could give a few examples.
    Circle your arms forward 10 times then backwards 10 times
    For your legs to forward and backward lunges
    Circle hips from side to side
    Arch back front and sides.
    Squat thrusts etc

    If you don’t understand any of my detailed descriptions, maybe someone who knows what im on about can explain it better.
  3. Stuck with a habit from martial arts training.. bouncing on the spot for 5 minutes or so. Keep moving, change stance, do some knee-to-chests, bounce as high as you can maybe throw in some burpess or something. Always works fine.. this is AFTER stretching mind.

  4. Always works fine.. this is AFTER stretching mind.

    Would recommend you do gentle warm up, getting the heart pumping, slightly out of breath, working all the major muscles like kneesup, heel flicks, side stepping, arm rotations, BEFORE you do any stretching or your muscles will go ping.