Discussion in 'Infantry' started by army_fiance, Jun 6, 2007.

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  1. Anyone based down there currently? :D
  2. Sure am till Feb 08

    Black and Green
  3. are they still getting boil orders for the water?????
  4. In Wiltshire I think, good fishing that area.

    B_T. :lol:
  5. Its a three hours drive from Gillingham
  6. used to be loved it
  7. Take it you mean the Gillingham in Kent and not the one in Dorset, if it's Dorset then what the fck you driving, even a Robin Reliant would get there in less that three hours and that's with a Taco break.

    B_T. :lol:
  8. are they still getting boil orders for the water?????

    Whats water?

    Happened once about 18 months ago
  9. happened twice if IRC in 2004.

    Glad it's all sorted now.
  10. 4 hours if your giving a daf by a Ghurka that only goes up to 40 MPH. That's sheer hell on the motorway.

    Not based but been there on exercise recently for a week and last week went to the ammo bunker twice. Didn't think much of the civvie tit on gaurd who still wanted to check my ID card when i turned up in a daf, in my green kit with a rifle...

  11. To be expected - they probably wanted to see the Passport and Boarding Card of the geezer who drove his 4x4 into the front of Glasgow Airport!
  12. Its not a bunker its a compound of storehouses. A bunker is what Hitler died in.

    Your clearly a c0ck then if you think you are too important to have you ID confirmed.