Warminster Info Required

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by helpmeout, Jul 8, 2011.

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  1. I have just received a posting to HQ DInf. As I am not Inf myself can someone give me some feedback on the SFA side of life. I am a WO1 with 2 kids, not that that makes any difference with the pathetic HIC system. Street names etc would be great.
  2. The street names are Houldsworth ave, Goodwin Close, Pepper Place and there is another but i cant remember what its called. they are not a bad standard. I have had a flat in Pepper place and a 2 bed in and they were of a good standard.
  3. Warminster Garrison is on the northern side of the town (if you can call it a town), under the shadow of Battlesbury Hill. Only passed through the town once, blinked and nearly missed it. No decent shops to be seen, only one real road (A36) and lots of weird people shuffling about. For shopping get in a car and drive to Salisbury (30 minutes) or Bath (20 minutes). Main roads are East Street, Market Place and George Street.
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  5. That helps alot......Not. If you have nothing to say then say nothing!!
  6. EMSAV, Not much info there, when i asked for street names i meant for SFA's not many SFA's in the market place me thinks?
  7. Thanks for the info. Will visit Warminster to have a look. Can't be worse than Larkhill so hopefully enjoy the change.
  8. Read the page header you dork.You have posted a serious question in the NAAFI and are expecting serious replies,get a grip and stop whining.
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    There's a hive for info. There's the person you're taking over from or, the department you're in. RSM, PMC etc etc.
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  11. Now Warminster is not a Metropolis, and you say, you are in Larkhill if my memory serves me correctly it is about 1/2 an hour up the A303 - why not organize an exped with fam to check it out yourself.

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  14. Thank Fuc for you and the following posts, I thought the NAAFI had changed overnight to a sensible information Bureau.
    Do you think it really is a WO1, aren't they supposed to have a smidgen of inteligence to get to those giddy heights?