Warminster DHE/HIC needs replacing

Should we sack Warminster DHE/HIC

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  • No - they do a wonderful job and deliver a good service

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If my actions failed the service test I would be invited to leave the Army. I believe Warminster DHE/HIC fails this test.

"Have my actions undermined the operational effectiveness of the Army?"

The service they offer is miserable. I appreciate they are a little under resourced but even taking that into account they give awful service. The amount of heartache and arguments they have caused in service families is immense.

Not only can they not run what is a relatively simple process they believe they can change the rules that govern them and that we have to live with it. They are operating well outside the contract and need removing.

The other DHE/HIC offices on the other hand appear to be giving good service.

The covenant between the MOD and the serviceperson has been under stress for some time yet no one [at the top] is prepared to tackle this problem swiftly. Anyone who says it is improving is kidding themselves. Do something big, and do something quickly.
What is your specific gripe with them? My experiences (admitedly only an allocation and a march out) with them have been fine. They are pleasant on the phone and responded within the time scales that are set for them.
Warminster treated me fine, decent SFA and no drama's.

If you really feel as if Warminster have done you over take it to them up on high....CoC, AFF....etc, etc.
DE complaints

AFF people
Am engaged with CoC and AFF and have submitted a complaint iaw the DE complaints procedure.

They have made no formal offer in writing to me despite that deadline having elapsed 3 weeks ago. I am due to move on Mon 1st and I still have no address and am being told I wil not get a quarter until end of June - after I am supposed to have deployed on Herrick which they are fully aware of.

I have not taken this purely based on my own experiences but have canvassed opinion across my unit. If I am just one of an isolated group of cases then fantastic but I fear I am not.
Can't agree more!!! We live in London. Our SFA is unexeptable! DE, MHS and the HIC is absolutely useless at this moment and time! We all got together and wrote to the PM and our MP's. We also got Environmental Health involved. It's amazing how things are getting done now. Also speak to your CO and RQ. There is light at the end of the tunnel. We are meeting with someone next week. Will get back to you with more advice. :x

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