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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by bluebird94, Aug 25, 2012.

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  1. hi sorry if this is in the wrong section. (i have looked) i am going to itc catterick on September 30th and have been told to get a warm waterproof coat. What i want to know is, what is this coat going to be used for, I've got a waterproof coat but it cost me a bit and i don't want it to get ruined so should i get a cheaper one? again sorry for clogging up the message board

    It's been a while so this isn't a current answer, hopefully someone will be along shortly to give you and up-to date answer. IIRC warm waterproof coats used to be used to keep the wearer warm and dry in inclement weather. :)

    Hope this helps Ten.
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  2. Catterick is a cold and wet place to be = Warm & waterproof coat.
  3. I'm not exactly current but I'd imagine it means for wear with civvy clothing, rather than for crawling around in the mud. You will be issued with sufficient kit to do what you need to do training wise, with the odd exception- in my day (Jesus, I sound like my Granddad) you had to buy a couple of bits like twists, snake belt for wear with No.2s and stable belt, we were also given the choice to use norgies for our final ex but it was a matter of all agreeing to buy them, or none.
  4. Once upon a time the issue Goretex jackets for adventure training were a very gay celest blue colour or an even gayer shade of pink.

    Think on.
  5. You guys get to wear civvies during recruit training? Not a wah by the way.
  6. Recruits are allowed out... not a prison old chap
  7. If its for off duty use than I wouldn't worry about it getting "ruined", as for use during CIC I'd just use the kit you get issued, its get replaced free if it gets ruined :)
  8. thanks for the feedback guys. you've cleared that up nicely
  9. When I was there for phase 2 we were allowed to book out of camp after week 2 (I think). You normally weren't allowed to book out during the week without permission and there was certainly no drinking during the week.

    Of course things will have no doubt changed since then, especially with phase 1 and 2 being combined into a single course.