Warm Up the Goddesses

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Snakes_R_Us, May 7, 2005.

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  1. A new more militant leader for the FBU, does this mean Op fresco 2.

    New FBU Leader
  2. Unlucky Gilchrist.

    My heart bleeds - Not!
  3. Apparently this new chap is an extremist to Gilchrists moderation. How does the trumpton song go again.
  4. Be difficult to warm up the Goddeses, the MOD in their wisdom have sold them off or is in the process of doing so.

  5. Hasn't the MoD been buying up old red fire engines to replace the green ones?
  6. Never thought it wise to make fire engines out of wood though so best that some other poor bugger has em instead.
  7. Purely out of interest, when was the last time either Andy Gilchrist or Matt Wrack were on a fire ground, in a smoke filled building with a hose in their hands and a BA on their back doing the job?

    Something the general union membership may be interested in?
  8. Just to be a pedant, the MOD does not have any reserve fire appliances.

    The green machines were actually owned by the Home Office, as is the case of the red appliances which are replacing them.
  9. What? - a general membership who are only interested in screwing over 'management' and getting their own way? They've voted for someone who is way, way, way to the left of Gengis Khan.

    They will be reaping what they sow at some point in the not too distant future.
  10. To be even more pedantic the Godesses were never supposed to be "fire engines". They're "self propelled pumping units". Their purpose, in their envisaged role (post nuclear strike) was to form a chain and pump water from the nearest available source, it could be supplied to proper "fire engines" to fight fires or to fill tanks for potable water or decontamination...
  11. For all his faults, Gilchrist was a proper smokie and did his time up and own ladders (etc).

    I can't speak about the new fella, except to say that even my mate, a Morning Star reading leftie trumpton, makes him out to be a total Marxist loon who would make Arthur Scargill look like a bastion of reason.

  12. Right at this moment Matt Wrack is serving his notice with London Fire Brigade.

    In Fact Matt Wrack was elected as the Assistant General Sec replacing Mike Fordham.

    When the campain was being run for the AGS election, the winning candidate was supposed to be shadowing Mike Fordham untill September.

    But the wheels fell off the Badley run house prefered candidate, John Mcghee, (Remember him ? Scottish ummer and err'er).

    Even though they Badley run House broke election canvessing rules, illegal flyers sent to Homes , Fire Stations, Mghee lost the election to Matt Wrack, Even with a spoiler, a third candidate called Dean Mills, who stood to take votes from Matt Wrack and an ardent AG supporter.

    As soon as the result was announced, Matt Wrack was refused entry to badley run house untill his date to take up the post (September) and the Shadow was binned.

    Thats why Matt Wrack was asked and nominated to stand against Guilchrist.

    And why Guilchrist fell Yesterday. Suprising what certain people in the FBU will do to hold onto the curry office!!.

    Andy Guilchrist hasn' rode an Appliance for over 10 years !.

    And had to resign from the service when he became a national officer.

    Andy Guilchrist hasn't rode an appliance for over 10 years.
  13. Read that in the press did we ?.

    Screwing over management ?? dont think so. Management jobs have tripled over the last two years.

    WAY WAY WAY to the left of Gengis khan ?.

    Why is it that anyone who is a Union Leader is a lefty ?

    The biggest Lefties are Labour MP.s, the Labour Party was founded by Trade unions to fight the Management Right, the Tories.

    Just these days they call themselves NEW LABOUR ! Why new ?, because Old Labour were lefties. Michael Foot, Arthur Scargill etc.
  14. All Appliances are owned by the ODPM. The greenies were up for auction in 2001. But were pulled from sale.

    At no time during Opp Fresco, did any Fire Authority have the right to refuse any Front line appliance being manned by the Army, RAF or Navy.

    The Appliances are not owned by the relevent Fire Brigades. They belong to the Authority.

    But unknown to the Public, we had to sign contracts for GOLD, SILVER and Bronze command ! thats why they never came for the newer appliances, because we had to man them.

    Lots of things were withheld from You and the Public.

    The Greenies are now being upgraded with the older appliances, but not for strikes, but major incidents.
  15. Guilchrist didn't even make 15 years before moving from the Brigade into the National Officer position prior to his election to GS in 1999.

    Matt Wrack is currently a serving Firefighter in London.

    Who has the communist picture on his wall in their office ??.

    Who wanted to Replace New Labour with Real Labour. ?

    Which one said Yes to modernisation , but faught tooth and nail to resist Modernisation to the FBU top table .