warm up for the warm up

My run at present, (1.5 miles, not very fast) is what many would consider little more than a warm up. How much of a warm up do I really need to do for this? If I do my push ups and sit ups first to get the blood moving and do a few star jumps and jog on the spot for a half a minute do I really need to do much more before the run?

I've read an authoritative report that states that stretching beforehand has no statistical effect on occurrence of injury so I've taken to just stretching afterwards.
Just done a PFT did the sit ups, press ups, then went to run and did some warm up exercises and 8oo meters to get legs going. What the heck was that all about. Are we so process focused that PTI's can't make their own descisions supported by those of us taking part.
hmm... thinking back we didn't do any streching before the best effort run on selection, we did a good strech down afterwards ... but not before hand, i've only just realised that.

I find before i got for my run i simply jog very lightly, for about 400/500 metres occasionally lifting knees up or lifting heels, then i lift my knees on the spot whilest shruging shoulders, then windmill arms forward, backwards, opposite etc, whilst still lifting the legs. I usually stop at about 2 miles at this little park to do my press ups, sit ups, squats, chins and dorsal raises, then i turn round and go back.

Iv only ever incured one injury running and that was because i slipped on some wet mud as i was going up a hill.

As for injuries, somone recommended amino acids and vitamins to prevent injury in muscles , dunno but it seesm to work. apparently by taking 5mg folate and 1500 IU vitamin B12, for a year you can reduce your chances of suffering a fracture by up to 80% 'Men's Health June 07'

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