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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Stayangry, Sep 18, 2008.

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  1. Hi guys,

    I need a kit recommendation:

    I'm a deer stalker and, in winter, can spend several hours at a time sitting in a high seat waiting for some hapless mammal to come along.

    You can imagine that it gets pretty cold at times, so I need some warm kit. A warm jacket is easy enough, but what about trousers?

    I have seen the Army issue "Bivvy" trouser offered for sale. Are they any good? Or is there a commercial trouser that i should be thinking of?

    Glad of any suggestions.

    Brass Monkey
  2. what you need my friend is a pair of longjohns. they are absolutely disgusting, and yet they are comfy and very warm.
  3. I have a Buffalo pertex shirt (fleece lined) and salopettes. Better than the trousers.
    Very warm too, I've been on the range in the middle of winter and not felt cold even lying on a grass firing point.

    Have the issue softie kit but dont rate it at all against Buffalo
  4. Any trousers, freshly p1ssed in, are lovely and warm. Failing that, fibre pile dungarees like aircrew wear in the winter, are fantastic. I've got a pair that i use for commanding 43's. Toastie and warm!
  5. Oh and they've got full length zips on the outside of both legs so you can put them on and off, over the top of your normal trousers with minimum messing about
  6. tights
  7. And in the summer you can wear stockings and suspenders which are far more cool, hygenic and frankly sexy...
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  8. Wondered when that one would be mentioned :)
  9. Keep an eye outr for the special deals in Aldi not be long before they start punting the snowboarding stuff soon decent set of trousers were less than £20. And I got a pair of lined hillwalking trousers as well from them for about £15 as well.... stands by for pish taking
  10. Paramo. The best warm and dry kit I have ever used.

    Their trousers are insulated, waterproof and beathable. But, they are damn quiet.
  11. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Nothing worse than noisy trousers. I have a pair of maroon corduroys which recently bought a trombone and insists on practising at all hours when the rest of my wardrobe is trying to sleep. Mind you, one of my pairs of socks has a drum kit and can be just as bad.
  12. Then you ought to consider yourself fortunate. My wife's bra thinks it's a pair of timpani.
  13. I'd go along with this advice. Last year I bought a pair of insulated hillwalking trousers with lots of pockets from Lidl for (IIRC) £10. But beware the sizes, mine are about 2" too big around the waist. I have a solution, though - pasties.

    Wouldn't the warmest trousers be flares? :?