Warm kit to wear on OP

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by caramel_bear, May 26, 2013.

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  1. How often is your OP bumped? Instead of deliberating over warm kit, perhaps a change of career path could be in order.
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  2. Put a lit hexi block in each pocket. That'll warm you up.

    Or would you like a nice flowery quilt, princess?
  3. [​IMG]In case you get bumped again
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  4. OPs, or anything else for that matter, always get bumped at dawn.

    Two hours before that, shift your OP. Then display a smug grin as the DS direct an attack on your vacated position.
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  5. Op work??? Look, Schools release potential targets around 1500-1515. So you wont be around too long anyway. You can also put the heater on in the car if it gets really cold. And besides if your CTR is done correctly you will be soon doing some bodily warmth with little Lauren or Ryan (which ever flicks your switch!).
  6. Which is my favourite testicle? You're weird all right.
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  7. Please, do post again when you've actually joined the army.

  8. Don't be bloody stupid!
    The lad asked a genuine question!

    At least theres a green one which is more camouflage and gives your arms free to fight back with his ninja stars (or whatever bollocks he intends to fight back with).

  9. I thought the purpose of an OP was to be wet, cold and miserable. Warm kit my erse!
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  10. Join the Royal Marines they get the cool OP kit


    You could try the RLC chef's maybe ?


    Don't even think about an OP on a US/Canada training area !!

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  11. From experience, it doesn't matter what you've got on in the OP. You will still be too cold and if you get bumped, you will always sweat your tits off for the next 30 minutes...
  12. Google images "Bibendum"
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