Warm kit options

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by BRIAN, May 27, 2005.

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  1. Having recently had my Softie pile shirt robbed off me, (perhaps by a bunch of cadets as they were in the area) along with my day sack. I am getting around to replacing these items.

    I am considering buying a softie, but these are on issue now, hence cheap on ebay. Are they any good?

    Also can i have some pointers to other alternatives, people might be using.

    At the moment i am facing using my wooley pulley and scrim net as a scarff.
  2. What units are getting issued softies?

  3. I heard that those on their way or in Iraq...

    Comes as a 2 piece suit. Reversinble green, sand.
  4. I understand Royal Marines have been issued something along these lines. I have not.
  5. mmmmmmmmm just what you need this time of year in Iraq

  6. In that case I have seen one and thought they looked a bit shit to say the least

    Not used one in anger though so appearences could be deceptive
  7. Units going on OP TELLIC/OP TOSCA get the reversable softie only if they go out for the winter tours the QMs got them we havent
  8. i dont care for these reversibile ones any one got any leads to get good cheapish warm kit
  9. Brian, was it you who said you are in Vancouver?
    Should be some warm kit about there
  10. The issue kit is ok, but its toss when wet, bite the bullet and get yourself a buffalo, warm when wet and the large pockets are very usefull, :D

    ref cadets, if you catch em robbing kit, publicly hang em, its the only way to get the message across........ :twisted:
  11. Got one for telic 3 .Cheap imitation softie not that bad but wouldnt spend my own money on it .Bufalos,softies orgortex windstoppers rversible fleece if your rich . Buffaflo shirts very hard wearing had one for 5 years ugly piece of kit but will keep you warm and dry (wish i hadnt given it away) softies very warm and comfortable like wearing a doss bag .
  12. If you want a mid layer top that is still warm when wet then buy a Marks and Spencer's woolly jumper (not a a pink one). It may look a bit harry but when was the last time you saw a sheep wearing Goretex???