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Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by Digital Ghost, Jan 28, 2013.

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  1. Hi Guys, newbie here to the forums.

    Anyway I'm looking for a tactical jacket that is fairly warm but not too much.

    I have a few that I'm looking at, any advice on these?

    Buffalo Belay jacket
    Haglofs Barrier II
    Snugpak Sleeka Lite

    Do you guys have any ideas on other jackets that are similar? (must be black with no major logos)

    Thanks :biggrin:
  2. How tactical? We talking Shamoolies in the sleeves? Sand table map in the pockets?

    Worth considering the Keela Belay.

    (Its got a frickin ETC in it.)
  3. Sod it, this place is as good as any, I'm going to hijack this thread with another question for the "ARRSE intelect" as well. Let's face it, threads quickly go off topic anyway, so might just as well accept this as the norm and just get on with it...

    So here's the question: What would be the best choice of jacket to wear in civies in the style of mixed dress? you know, when a civi looks like a civi wearing an Army surplus jacket with, say, jeans? Would a DPM jacket be better than say, a desert pattern?
  4. Buffalo Mountain Shirt, mines been going 15 years now and shows no signs of dying yet.
  5. Like the Buffalo; try the Montane Extreme Smock - seems better built, with thicker pile.
  6. I pretty much wear my Buffalo special 6 shirt all winter long, with the DP hood fitted and the mitts, down to about -20 (I live in southern Alberta). I'll break out my TNF McMurdo parka if it gets below that.

    Get the buffalo.
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  7. Do you prefer over head smock type, or zip up front? I'd go Buffalo, had mine since Grapple 3, still going!!
  8. Buffalo jackets are brilliant .....they are so good that mine got nicked !

  9. I'm lead to understanding young fashionisters are cutting about town in these. Young virgins swoon at the daring mixed dress and daring.

    British Army Green Authentic Great Coat, Slim Fit - Mens - Coats - Crombie
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  10. My first questionwould be "what do you want the jacket for"?

    Is it to throw over your normal jacket when you stop for a brew up or rest when out tabbing? So, a quick bit of insulation to stop you cooling down quickly. If so, something like a Paramo Torres Gilet keeps you warm whilst breathing to let sweat out. Packs down small and its very light. Cut to fit over waterproofs/jackets.

    Is it to wear under kit to keep warm when static? So, in an OP, little movement or sweat involved. Montane Extreme Smock. Warm but bulky. Or the Snug Pak. Both too warm to "work" in.

    Is it something to wear when patrolling? So, keeps you warm, but if the shit hits the fan and you are running about like a headless chicken building up heat, and then having periods of waiting about and thus cooling down. In that case, the Buffalo as it has side vents and wicks moisture away quickly. Still too warm for me if running about.

    Well thats what I used..and it worked for me :)
  11. How about a M65 jacket M65 Jackets UK
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  12. For £895 I'd want experience!
  13. Another vote for the Buffalo Special 6 as its not only a damn good pull over type jacket but also a long term investment.

    I use mine throughout the autumn & winter commuting to work.

  14. What he said. Got a buffalo during my first TA stint, 15 years ago, used it for 8 years, used it for mountain leader stuff, using it again in my second, more REMFy role now - my regular DS on my recent phase 1 ex offered to swap his issue Softie-type warm layer for it.
    Plus the side zips allow you to accommodate an ever-expanding beer gut too, which is nice.