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Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by Crazy_Climber, Feb 27, 2011.

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  1. Looking at getting a nice warm jacket for when life gets cold...

    Choices are Snugpak original (Softy) or Elite or Keela Belay.

    Having spoken to Snugpak they recon the Elite is slightly more hard wearing than the original, but the original is slightly warmer and lighter (but most expensive of the three). Also made in GB rather that cheapo China Land where the Elite is made.

    The Keela is lighter (and cheapest) again and sounds like it packs down smaller that the Snugpak offerings. However this also suggests is might not be as warm...

    What are peoples experiences with either and recommendations?
  2. I have the Snugpack original softie. Had it for a few years and never had any problems to date with it not being warm enough. Packs down to a reasonable size aswell.
  3. Buffalo system is awesome - I have had a Special 6 shirt and a Belay Jacket, all of which I have lost over the last few years. Buffalo mitts are amazing pieces of kit as well.

    Link to their product site - http://www.buffalosystems.co.uk/DP_System_thumbs.htm


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  4. Buffalo kit was very good I can't comment about it's quality now as I've never has to replace any of it. A very fat chap I knew went to the factory for a sleeping bag made in fat bastard size.
  5. [​IMG]

    Rab Arete - proper toasty but shit in the rain (as expected)
    Packs down very small and comes with its own bag to store away

    I got mine from Trekkit in Hereford as
    a) they're my local stockist
    b) they're cheaper than most places £108
    c) they're carriage free over 100 quid if you dont live nearby/cant be arrsed to drive there
  6. Without wishing to sound silly and going by your username, what are you wanting it for?

    If walking round town, a nice smart crombie would be acceptable.

    If for climbing I like my down gilet, it means my arms are unrestricted and it is also smart enough to wear to the shops.

    If for military/outdoor purposes then down is warm and packs down very small but useless when wet. Softies are good and cheap (relatively) but you will get issued one when you deploy. Alternatively, Primaloft is the warmest filling for its weight. It also retains its insulative properties when wet. For my money I would buy a Mountain Equipment Fitzroy jacket. I have a lot of Mountain Equipment kit and it is all well thought out and hard wearing if a bit pricey.

    Wildtrak in Newcastle are the cheapest place I can find that sells them. They also do Mil Discount.
  7. Agreed. I've also got a North Face 700 but my Sleeka is a lot warmer. I literally lived in it when I was in 15 inches of snow in the Falklands and it does me fine in the freezing Yorkshire Dales. I look like a tramp when I'm walking the dog, but I don't care. I'm warm.

    It was a Christmas present. He's such a romantic bastard.

    I did have a Rab jacket, but someone has Kingo'd it. (Possibly ex Mr Dale the twat). The feathers in that moved around too much and it was too bulky.l
  8. Sorry, should have said to begin with, it will mainly for military purposes, exercises on Salisbury etc. I too am a big mountain equipment fan but don't really want to/have the money to spend on a jacket that is most likely going to end up being abused in one way or another. Like wise with the buffalo jackets, like them but for what its going to be used for I don't think i can justify their cost right now.

    I have a montane (Flux I think) which I use for climbing/mountaineering which I've been really impressed with and has got me out of a few near misses! If montane did this or similar in 'Olive' there would be no contest...
  9. What's the difference between a Buffalo and a Bison?
  10. Buffalo have tiny little wings that make a great snack. Also it was Bison that lived on the North American Plains, not buffalos
  11. Linky here Sleeka Jacket

    Oh, and you can't wash your hands in a Buffalo. Boom tish. Try the veal, I'm here all week.
  12. Montane did the "Toasty" for a time, which was their take on the Softy. Can still get 'em from a few places that have stock left. Great bit of kit, and I love mine. We compared them amongst ourselves and figured the Toasty was more comfortable, but the Elite was perhaps a bit more durable. Though if you're rolling around with your warm kit as an outer layer somewhere it might get damaged, something's probably gone very wrong...
  13. Buffalo mittens are ace though. I got mine issued, they are seriously warm. A bit of a bastard to type in though but I doubt any of you would notice the difference.
  14. Never found I got the same "instant warmth" from a buffalo that I do with a softie. Although I normally wear my buffalo on minging days to go walking in over some rain-soaked moor. Perfect for it
  15. My Buffalo Mountain Jacket still in daily use 15+ years on, the shirt and sallopettes are equally brilliant but dont get much use.

    I have a piccy of me in very very cold conditions, huge chunks of ice hanging off the beard and it was still to warm to put on the jacket over the shirt .....