Warhammer Online


Kit Reviewer
I finally succumbed last week and bought it. Anyone else play? I'm still getting the hang of it all. PvP stuff is better than the other MMOs I've played, but PvE on your own gets boring. Gutted at the gash crafting system, but overall I'm pretty impressed with it... even if the server did just crash!

Bhruxy, Dwarf Engineer on Karak Norn.
apneb, dwarf ironbreaker on karak azgal
loving it so far, though its not as polished as WoW for chat etc
probably keep it going for a few months, see how it goes
Played it for about a month and got very bored, very quickly. Closed my account and went back to playing Dark Age of Camelot. Now thats proper PvP :twisted:

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