Warhammer 40,000 MMO Dark Millenium online.

Rumours of this getting made, have been around for as long as Warhammer started being put into computer games.

Seems like WH40K online could now be a reality in the near future....this teaser that has just come out is indeed just to wet your tastebuds.With their expertise gained on Warhammer The Age of Reckoning ( MMO ) looks likethis could be a good'un to me.

BattleBikes, and Titans....what more could you want from an MMO ?



Kit Reviewer
My life will be complete!

Mind you, they'll have to do a better job of it than they did with WAR. That was fecking pants after about two months.
think i need to get a new laptop to play this on!!!!

my current one cannot even Play DOW II!!!!

I want it at any rate. :)

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