Wargammers & wargaming: a harmless pastime or weirdos?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Invicta, Jul 21, 2006.

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  1. After having been in the Corps for a while, I've noticed that there are quite a few wargamers lurking in our midst. There is even (correct me if it's now closed) a wargaming club at JHQ, next to the bowling alley and Security Section. The question is, is it a harmless pastime that involves lots of trips to games workshop, painting little lead orcs and nights in rolling dice and moving your 'army' across a table top or are they simply weirdos who shy away from the more normal Corps pleasures of drinking excessively, kebab eating and trying to pull the local slappers?
  2. Age 8 to 12 its a harmless pastime.
    Age 13 to 16 it is distinctly worrying.
    Age 17 and over puts you firmly in the wierd bracket.
  3. not sure about games workshop devotees as they ARE very strange
    but there are historical figures/rules. really just civilian Free Kreigspeil so at worst they are Walting Staff officers.
  4. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    i would say weird when people start converting rooms and so on to play in. Having said that, look at warhammer 40 000 on wikipedia. The idea behind it is facking depressing!

    And no i aint a wargamer meself, a guy gave me a novel based on this stuff while on QRF. Full of short stories, each one ended with the main characters dying...
  5. if you're a darksider, dungeons and dragons is acceptable.

    if you're a lightsider, get down the bar you girl.
  6. Its a personal choice. Theres a lot of skill involved in assembling and painting (some of the minatures done are works of art IMHO). I've met plenty of normal lightsiders who occasionally roll the dice on a cold winters night and have a good laugh. Its the sort of thing that done in moderation is perfectly healthy, but done too often and you might have issues.
  7. Youre all so wrong - Warhammer is reeeaaaaaal!!!!!!!!!!!! :strong:
  8. As an ex-sapper who was in a geeky trade (C3s), can I now say that after reading this - The Engineer C3's are up there with Fonzie.
  9. Its deffo an Armourer game in my Corps. Guys in units with a lot of time on their hands in between mega inspections. Its weird its geeky and how many sides do you really need on a dice?
    Dungeon dwelling grown ups should not play with this stuff.
  10. I used to wargame at school and at university but gradually its allure faded in comparison with rugby, rowing, the OTC, chicks at the OTC and chicks (GS). It's pretty harmless really...until you work out what the average wargames army costs in money and man-time. Gordon Brown should be alerted!
  11. Wargaming can be a useful pastime if it teaches you something about military history or tactics. Why invent the wheel over and over again when each new war comes along ? As for the Games Workshop tossers they should be bombed from long range. Warhammer 40K is the stupidest treatment of warfare ever depicted, even sillier than Blackhawk Down or the A Team. Men in dayglo armour firing at each other, without cover, in standing positions at short range. Come back Paintball all is forgiven.
  12. I have to admit to painting the bleeders but have never played the game. Used to go and buy the figures and customise them etc and paint them.
  13. Wasn't that why chess was invented? As a training aid? Also, I do daddle in the occasional computer wargame. Has anyone here played Rome: Total War?
  14. No but I want to. Whats it like?
  15. I know someone who works in games workshop. I often wonder if I drowned him in a bucket of his own paint if the judge would see it as a mercy killing. :)