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Discussion in 'Tabletop Gaming & RPG' started by joey_deacons_lad, Jul 26, 2013.

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  1. Anyone playing this? Its the sequel to the very good European escaltation and a must for anyone who enjoys strategy. I have had it for a few days and am constantly getting smashed everywhere but still enjoy it. If there is a few of us we could get a clan going, or try out a few strategies in a private game
  2. Been playing since Beta. Play a few nights a week with mates either amongst ourselves or against randoms. We do pretty well, my win ratio being currently at 75% or so.

    We play mostly NATO but do go Pact once in a while if I can convince my NATO fanboy mates that Pact is in fact sexier. Whilst NATO decks tend to be more varied, Pact (or more accurately the Soviets) have some awesome units. I just love the BMPT, Spetznaz Infantry, The BUK and Mi-28 amongst others.

    My current favourite NATO deck is mixed, mechanised and pre-1980 (Category B). Mixed because I want a good all-round capability. Mechanised because the +1 veterancy for Vehicle and Support cards is very useful in terms of AA and ATGM effectiveness. Pre-1980 allows a 40% unit per card bonus which means I can choose higher veterancy cards without gimping my ability to reinforce in longer, high casualty games.

    If I'm honest I would say I am a cautious player. I tend to rush to a good defensive line and hold it before gauging what risks I can afford to take. Extensive use of well placed recon is absolutely vital I find, looking for opportunities to cluster bomb concentrations of soft skinned vehicles or snipe high value targets with artillery. It is important to try to get a points lead early on in order to force your opponent into an attack which should net you more points than losses if your defence is solid, effectively managed and reinforced promptly.

    If I do attack I try to do it in force, screening my high value units with cheaper more expendable ones being careful not to over extend beyond my AA cover. Nothing stops an armoured assault faster than attack choppers armed with ATGM's. It's a points game and decisions should be based on what you stand to lose versus what you stand to gain. Of course if you see an opportunity to gain an advantage you should take it but be careful not to neglect recon otherwise it can all turn to ratshit fast.

    Look for a Youtube channel called VulcanHD. He does really good unit tutorials which can really help when deciding on units, how to use them and, most importantly, effective counters.

    Good luck, and have fun. It's a brilliant game.
  3. As I have a bit of time on my hands I thought I'd list some tips you may or may not find useful.

    Change the unit icons in the settings menu to Wargame: European Escalation. I find them more informative and less obtrusive. You can always switch back if you prefer the new style.

    Command Vehicles should be armoured in order to better survive speculative arty strikes and small arms fire from infiltrating infantry (I use Sultans for NATO). A bit of armour can buy you valuable seconds in which to move to safety. Also CV's should be positioned in heavy cover if possible with some defence, even if it is just a couple of cheap infantry squads.

    You can tell if a unit it in cover because the unit icon flashes. When it stops flashing it usually means that unit has been spotted. Use cover as much as possible - seems obvious but I see units sitting out in the open all the time.

    Leading assaults with empty infantry trucks can soak up enemy ATGM salvoes allowing your armour to get into main gun range if your opponent isn't micro-managing effectively.

    If retreating try to use the reverse command keeping frontal armour towards the enemy as much as possible.

    Smoke and rocket arty can be very useful if you are assaulting a strongly held defensive position. Smoke to screen, arty to stun.

    Recon on your flanks is important to warn of helibourne infantry trying to sneak round into your back areas.

    Order artillery units into spread formation in order to reduce the effectiveness of enemy counter battery fire.

    Best cover for infantry is in buildings. They take increased casualties when in forests. Cluster munitions are ineffective against infantry in this game (It's a balancing mechanic). Napalm is extremely effective against infantry - move surviving Infantry away from spreading fire.

    Awlays use the fast move command unless assaulting.

    When bringing on reinforcements the entry point zone will be highlighted in white. If this entry point is camped (a good tactic) then move the placement until a safer entry point is highlighted. You then have a few seconds to move the new units to where you really want them to go.

    If I think of any others then I'll post them up. I might try and post my current NATO deck if I can remember the unit names.
  4. Thanks for the post Dukie. It's my son's game and he gets the 'ump as I'm terrible and it affects his rating or something ! It's a really absorbing game though and I enjoy it. When allowed ! :)
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  5. Oh Duke missile magnet truck spam is just bad manners dear chap lol.

    I hadn't thought about open formation for my arty. Good thinking.

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  6. Assuming you're not playing ranked games all you could be effecting is his win ratio which doesn't impact anything but his ego/bragging rights.

    You could simply play skirmish matches against the AI - I don't think that'll mess with his stats if they really are that important to him.

    Since a big patch recently Infantry no longer take increased casualties in forests. Also the campaign has had a bit of a revamp.

    New DLC is on the way and it is going to be free (as all DLC was in W:EE).
  7. Yes, yes it is but if you know of a tactic you can be aware to counter it by micro managing your ATGM units. I do draw the line at sending empty logistics trucks to be captured and then destroyed for cheap points however.
  8. bit of a q here
    Is this a dvd/cd game or interweb based?

    as i can no longer get TOAW to work on Windows 7, i might look at purchasing.
  9. Either.

    Hard copies and Steam based digital copies available.
  10. sorry another q,

    Is it turn based or real time strategy?

    The stuff i can see online is a tad vague, and would i need any other software or is this a stand alone game?
  11. Real time strategy. Time is frozen for initial placement of units.

    It is stand alone.

    Look up VulcanHD Gaming on Youtube for some good quality gameplay footage and commentary.
  12. Dirt_Diver

    Dirt_Diver LE Moderator

    Bought it yesterday. Keep getting my arse kicked by the AI, I'm too impatient and try and do too much too soon.

    Awesome game though, even though I'm crap at it.
  13. Great game - bloody hard though!

    I enjoyed the campaign, and messing about playing the AI. The multiplayer, especially the bigger games, is really tough for beginners...
  14. Dirt_Diver

    Dirt_Diver LE Moderator

    Yeah, the tutorial was pretty solid in itself too. Fat lot of good it did me as even on easy the AI has my pants down during skirmish games.

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  15. Is the game in the same vein as Command & Conquer?