Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by Arters, Jul 14, 2011.

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  1. Just had a call from PRT, who can't get to a PC,
    Military History Channel 2000hrs Tonight.
    Documentary about Warrenpoint with lots of
    unseen footage, PRT says it's a must see,
    that tells me it will be good......!
  2. Also repeated at 00.00hrs same channel
  3. Deffo and thanks
  4. a very bad day for RARAS, and the R.A.M.C................

    i will watch with a very heavey heart................
  5. is that channel available on freeview? I can't see it..............otherwise is it available online
  6. Further to that, if it is online can someone rip it and youtube it? I'm abroad so never get to see this stuff....

    T C
  7. I read a very accurate autobiography which covered Warrenpoint in graphic photographic detail. That was enough for me, we see too much death and mutilation on the screens (and in life) these days
  8. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but this is part of OUR History,
    I will watch it, albeit, alone, Nuff Said.
  9. Yep fair one. Definately not one to be brushed away
  10. My second Cousin was there, nice quiet man one of the more fortunate men to walk away.
  11. Excellent programme, imho. I bet it took 3 hours to get a sound bite out of "nameless man". It reminded me of another marvellous chap, called Tommo (no persec issue, cos I'm sure it's not his real name). He ended up teaching civvies how to avoid treading on land mines and he served in Norn Iron, not sure as an ATO but some serious, gusset-filling stuff. He was quite mad, even his wife thought so, but I doff my "hat" to him because we'll never know what he did.

    Also a certain cricketing Arrser who spent years hiding in attics, with a glass cupped to the ceiling below. And to PRT.

    Thanks all.
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  12. I like you KotB, good post but tomorrow I'm going to rip the
    shit out of you on the Trains thread.....Flappers Jkt and Tin
    Lid are essential 46130..The West Yorkshire Regiment...
    Incoming, oh one about to be educated.
    Sleeping place now........Double Chime Whistle Bye Bye!
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  13. Pararegtom

    Pararegtom LE Book Reviewer

  14. He still lives around here as well....him and Norry who was also at Warrenpoint.