Discussion in 'Infantry' started by kingcal91, Dec 28, 2008.

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  1. kingcal91

    kingcal91 Old-Salt

    just wondering how does the accomdation at Warcop stack up against other places?
  2. Hutted accn; two rooms per hut, about ten to a room, bunk beds and lockers which may or may not lock. Separate ablutions blocks. Fairly decent food; some quite good pubs nearby.
  3. Chamley arms, out the gate stagger 50m right. Naafi about bog standard for a transit camp. Showers good.
  4. swampmonster

    swampmonster Guest

    Does real ale too :wink:

    been in worse camps :)
  5. sweatysock

    sweatysock War Hero

    The Warcop local, usually does a lock in. Mind you its a bit "League of Gentlemen". I recomend the 'Bus Garage' disco in Brough. Happy Days :wink:

    Mind you there was the Rugby club dance in a marquee thing, We were at the stage perving over the petite blonde singer. Then a couple of months later she was on Junior 'Stars in your Eyes'. Still would though
  6. allyjs

    allyjs War Hero

    Local pub has no carpets and more dogs than people in it seemed but has beer so who cares.
  7. toffeeman

    toffeeman Old-Salt

    We stayed in a place off camp which was basically mobile offices in a very large shed. We got a Bedford to and from the camp for scoff and to our delight got the odd Pizza/shop run to the local village.

    Shower/ washrooms weren’t too bad mind. NAAFI's pretty good on the main camp...nice pint, jukebox, snooker table etc.