just wondering how does the accomdation at Warcop stack up against other places?
Hutted accn; two rooms per hut, about ten to a room, bunk beds and lockers which may or may not lock. Separate ablutions blocks. Fairly decent food; some quite good pubs nearby.


BeastAppreciationSociety. said:
Chamley arms, out the gate stagger 50m right. Naafi about bog standard for a transit camp. Showers good.

Does real ale too :wink:

been in worse camps :)
The Warcop local, usually does a lock in. Mind you its a bit "League of Gentlemen". I recomend the 'Bus Garage' disco in Brough. Happy Days :wink:

Mind you there was the Rugby club dance in a marquee thing, We were at the stage perving over the petite blonde singer. Then a couple of months later she was on Junior 'Stars in your Eyes'. Still would though
We stayed in a place off camp which was basically mobile offices in a very large shed. We got a Bedford to and from the camp for scoff and to our delight got the odd Pizza/shop run to the local village.

Shower/ washrooms weren’t too bad mind. NAAFI's pretty good on the main camp...nice pint, jukebox, snooker table etc.

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