War writer Chris Ryan adopts female pen name

Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by Poppy, Nov 4, 2008.

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  1. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/3376286/War-writer-Chris-Ryan-adopts-female-pen-name.html

    War writer Chris Ryan has adopted a female pen name for his first romantic novel.

    By Charlotte Bailey
    Last Updated: 10:32AM GMT 04 Nov 2008

    Chris Ryan: from the frontline to the battlefield of love Photo: BBC The former SAS trooper is better known for his tales based on his brutal experience behind enemy lines in the first Gulf war.

    However, writing under the name Molly Jackson, Ryan is set to publish his first romantic work.

    Entitled The Fisherman's Daughter, the novel tells of the romantic quest of a man who is searching for his true identity in a remote Scottish village.

    The novel has already been published in Australia and has received positive reviews. It will be released in the UK in March.

    However, Ryan, 47, has said that this is his first and last foray into the world of romantic literature.

    He said: "I tend to stick to a subject that I'm comfortable with but I wanted to see if I could do a classic family saga.

    "I won't be doing it again. If it taught me something, it was don't go out of your comfort zone, so I think I'll stick to writing about what I know."

    Ryan was part of the Bravo Two Zero operation along with fellow soldier-turned-writer Andy McNab.

    The eight-man patrol was sent behind Iraqi lines to destroy mobile Scud launchers during the first Gulf war.

    However three of the men were killed and four, including McNab, were captured.

    Ryan was the only one to escape and walked around 200 miles to neighbouring Syria, for which he was awarded the Military Medal.

    He has since written more than two dozen books, including 10 in the Alpha Force adventure series, which is aimed at teenagers.

    :wink: :wink: ha ha
  2. Disturbing...
  3. :D :D :D :D :D
  4. I think that our Chris has met up with Jim Penny a former B Sqn colleague, who produced a 'Scottish' novel - Albannaich. Jim uses his 'own' name however.
  5. not really as Chris Ryan's ghost writer is female
  6. What an original pseudonym. I thought the whole point of pen names is so that you can write love novels anonymously, so your mates don't think you're gay.
  7. Is he going to write stuff like 'he ran his manly fingers across my vagina while kissing me softly on the neck'??!
  8. OKAAAAY - Ryan has been sniffing too much glue recently eh? or perhaps after all those years of killing people with his little finger he's been left empty and cold inside and wants to get back in touch with his feminine side...
  9. actually just found out the name of Ryan's ghostwriter after a quick google - its Matthew Lynn, a male.
  10. Is Chris Ryan really one of them now? :lol:
  11. Fair play to him for having a crack... scuse the pun.

    He can't be any worse thany any real female author who's ever put pen to paper, as without exception they're f ucking pants.... big wide sided boiled grey period pants at that.
  12. Have you tried Patrica Cornwell? Her Kay Scarpetta series are good reading.