War with Korea

There won't be any conflict with N Korea,
why should there be?

They only want to start up the weapons grade nuke power station to provide electricity for all those other trustworthy NK communists!

Are we controlled by dubya alone?

When have we ever had reason to doubt the communists?
There won’t be a war with Korea –yet. Bush can’t do two things at once.

Anyway there is big difference with having weapons grade Pu and having a nuke and effective delivery system.
It’s not the physics that is difficult in making a nuke, it’s the electronic and engineering involved in the detonation of it. That's why a dirty bomb would be favoured by any terrorists. ;)

Mr Happy

Forgive me but NK actions are an attempt to get further concessions from the international community (remember what they got for signing the nuke pact and installing monitors last time?).

This time they'll bend over again for just some more food and a few billion dollars in aid.

The difference is that this time GWB rather than BClinton may not give it to them in which case the only chance of war is the bad guys rollling south to divert eh population from starvation.  But very very unlikely.  GWB has no requirement to roll north.

If NK did roll south it would serve the SK's right for treating the yanks like sh*t recently though!  :-X  
Motives aside. North Korea’s actions of removing IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) seals from their nuclear facilities, means that fissile material (Plutonium and Uranium) cannot be tracked. The only reason not to have seals in place is if they’re doing something they shouldn’t. Even if they do replace seals and allow IAEA inspectors back in, they will have time to have moved fissile material about and have started their reactor producing low irradiated fuel which could easily be reprocessed in order to get high fissile Pu…….. and what does it matter if what’s there when the inspector return doesn’t quite add up to what was there when they left?

War or not, nuclear proliferation won’t help anyone.

Mr Happy

According to CNN this AM (where I was mentioned BTW) the CIA believe that NK got some suitable nuclear material (239 / 237?) smuggled in a few years ago.

Agree reference proliferation.
The amount of fissile material Russia has lost, it must be readily available on the black market.

Majority of stuff is suitable – if you had enough of it to build a big enough bomb. Making your own means that you can control the quality of it, so need less for the same sized bang.

Mr Happy

I'm confused about the Hedgehog / headghog thing.  Did Russian HH independantly provide the material or was there some kind of NK trained HH that went and got it?
Spesnatz trained Hedghogs?

Well, I know the USN trained Dolphins , but ... well errr wow

Best be careful running over one of the little buggers next time, might leave a 20' crater in the road....

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