Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Nov 9, 2002.

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  1. Just finished reading one of the worlds thinnest books

    Great Italiain War Heroes
  2. PUSSIES :mad: :mad: :mad:
  3. Other thin books were Great Jewish boxers & fine iranian cuisine ;D
  4. actually, Iranian cuisine is very good - and how much do you know about Jewish boxers? your post is a little racist
  5. Alf Garnett, now he was a little rascist. He was only 5'6". Adolf was quite small too.
  6. Yeah I imagine Iranian Cuisine is superb if someone has sliced off yer tastebuds with a sithe & closed all other eating emporiums worlwide

    All I know a bout jewish boxers is that there aren't many but probably more than Italian war heroes.

    Freddie star is a little racist too ;D
  7. Freddie Starr, Racist? surely shome mishtake

    I thought he just rather liked Hampsters, just like the Pet Shop Boys.

  8. How tall is Jim Davidson then?
  9. Yer right PTP he is also a little racist. Would never be seen dead in an Iranian Restaurant either ;D
  10. You never know - a slight navigational error next year and you could be enjoying Iran's finest cusine.  

    However, there's definitely a gap in the UK market for that style of food.  (Somewhere between the chippy, chinky and the indian).
  11. Italians, pasta, pizza, chianti and tanks with 10 reverse gears

    French, vin in the rat packs, coq au vin, fois gras and a collaboration government with the hun

    Yanks, nylons, chocolate, gucci kit and keep killing the same side

    Brits, range stew, spotted dick and still manage to win !!!!

    it's true, the army with the worst cuisine always wins