War with Crab, recruiters help required

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Pantsoff, Jun 24, 2009.

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  1. OK the new RAFLO has moved in down the road, over here in the hot place. Being the only ex forces on the compound he has introduced himself etc- indeed for a crab he is a good bloke..... however.....

    He has declared war, and started leaving RAF paraphernalia over the cars etc and indeed left a copy of RAF news on the door step. He has even given the kids pictures of some planes etc and therefore turning them.

    Now I dont have any Corps stuff here, eg stickers etc to 1. turn his kids to the Corps and to cover his place in stuff.

    Can anybody from the Rec Teams help?

    PM if you can help.
  2. Have you pointed out that The RAF is a b@st@rd son of a Sapper etc etc etc.
  3. yes and he appreciates that.... like I said he is not that bad.
  4. You are on a loser mate.How can you compete with Fast Jets :wink:

    Big shiny Jet 8) Worn out dusty boots :(
  5. On the old engineer website they had a load of Corp stickers made up to send to the lads and lasses out in Afghanistan, they may be able to sort you out with summit
  6. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Get him a subscription to Sapper magazine!
  7. Why not,
    1. Brick up his front door
    2. Dig a ditch in front of his front door so he has to bridge it.
    3. Put some 6' pickets around his accom with Mine markers on it.
    4. Paint his Accom in Corp colours.
    5. Booby trap his place with the innards of talking\singing cards. (Very irritating) :D
    6. etc

  8. Tell the kids the fast shiny jets are held together with black and nasty and para cord.
    I think you should just wire up his door so when he grabs the door handle he zaps himself.... not that I've ever done this.... or thought of doing it to certain specimans
  9. They were at Leeming!
  10. As a kid I remember a documentary on leemings, showing them stampeding by the hundreds over the edge of a cliff.
    Maybe it's a result of successive defence cuts, but in recent years I've only seen shiny jets jumping off the front of aircraft carriers one at a time.
  11. Until you have served in Her majesty's armed forces you will never fully apreciate a truly warped, twisted and imaginative sense of humour.

    i salute you sir. :D
  12. Scooby,

    To post, or not to post - that is the question!
    Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the warps and twists of outrageous humour,
    Or by civilianisation end them ...

    Imagination in decline, I am ever more grateful for those that follow the warps and twists and thankful for the ARRSE oasis of understanding.

    I return your salute, sir :D

    P.S. I'd have used "convoluted" somewhere, but couldn't spell it.
  13. how about a couple of sticks of PE4 wired to the car battery?

    That should make the point!

    :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

  14. Fcuk me, does this always have to be the RE way? Using a sledge hammer?

    You phone up the local RMP and say your kids have told you that the nasty RAF man next door keeps showing them nasty photos and wants them to join in his gang.

    Job done
  15. No RMP here I am afraid, however there are spooks but they always look rather lost. If I tell the local plod here, they would want to join his gang!

    What I need is some good old Sapper paraphernalia, I can even use his BFPO to make it cheaper through the system.

    I am amazed the Recruitment Teams can't help. Wasn't like that in my day...... harrumpff.