War veteran pushed into canal by gang

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ukdaytona, Sep 5, 2007.

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  1. An 83-year-old war veteran might never walk again after being pushed into a canal by a gang of youths, police said today.

    The pensioner was fishing with his nephew in St Helens, Merseyside, when they were both pushed into the Leeds-Liverpool canal.

    Detectives today released CCTV pictures of three youths thought to be responsible for the incident, which is being treated as a wounding offence.

    The victim, named by police only as Brian, remains in hospital with two broken legs. Police say he might never regain his ability to walk. His 41-year-old nephew was uninjured in the incident, which happened at 4pm on July 13.


    Hope Brian gets home soon and doesnt loose too much of his mobility in yet another mindless attack. It is time to reclaim the streets from these scumbags. We all know that if they are caught nothing will happen.
  2. Bastards :x

    I'd love to catch up with them, but what's the betting they just get a warning off the police :x
  3. I am from St Helens and it is full of scumbags like these people. But unfortunately, the whole of the country is becoming like this. Action needs to be taken and soon......
  4. We need the Feather men to sort the scum out!
  5. It is already too late to teach them right from wrong and it is almost too late to instill any fear into them. They have no fear of either courts or police, hardly surprising when the police seem more intent on helping criminals and arresting the law abiding, as the recently sacked train guard will atest.
    For the law abiding, especially the aged law abiding, Britain has become a nightmare place to live, did the old man fight the war to have to live like this in his last years? What sort of country is it where an 83 year old cannot even fish in peace?
    All we will hear is hand wringing, mealy mouthed ramblings from the politicians accompanied by zero action. We need a revolution that brings back the gallows for these scum. Will it happen? Not with Brown, Cameron or any of the current political pygmies.
  6. Totally agree. My girlfriend's brothers were attacked at the weekend in Frankfurt by a group of 15 'gentlemen' from south-eastern Europe. A totally unprovoked attack by a gang of cnuts just out for trouble and I'm slowly but surely turning into a racist. I'm getting really sick of these sullen fcukers with their victim mentality. 'No-one likes, no-one wants us so we'll destroy everything and anyone around us'. You do actually have another option cnuts: get fcuking proactive and do something to change your lives. Oh, and try to make that change something other than becoming a gangsta-rapper. That would be great thanks...

    Even in liberal Germany and after years of propaganda which makes your average German start harming himself for having even the slightest racist thought we have normal citizens shouting 'Ausländer Raus!' after a fight at a street party where some Indians were battered after giving some women abuse. Of course, the news coverage concentrated on the racist angle 'nasty Germans batter innocent immigrants'... with about 2 milliseconds devoted to the fact that the Indians started the whole thing in the first place. Yes, I'm slowly turning into a racist.
  7. My apologies ukdaytona for taking your thread slightly away from your original tack but scum is scum - home-grown or otherwise.
  8. We need to do the job ourselves, I think it's called a "civilians arrest" although they may slip and end up in a canal, Oops.

    Out of order!

  9. The Government should set up a hit squads for every town,made up of say ex service men/women, to patrol the streets looking for these BAS**DS, but of instead of social works, social justice.
    perhaps the streets would be a bit safer if they start to fear something.
    ( ARK ANGLES???) come to mind
  10. Are they still operating? 8)
  11. Its never too late to instill fear.

    Even when someone has not learned right from wrong, if they feared the consequences of doing that wrong and getting caught, they would not do it.

    Problem is the police cant act, the people are too apathetic to act, and too scared to act because the balance of fear has tilted in favour of the wrong-dooers.
  12. You are of course allowed to use reasonable force to effect an arrest or prevent a breach of the peace.
    and if of course you can reasonably believe your life is in danger you can kill the feckers
    However After getting hauled over the coals for twatting a bloke on the arm with a baton (lawfully carried) while he waved a knife in my face I am not sure many "keen to make a mark" young coppers have read the right legislation.
    When I asked if I was supposed to let him knife me the copper said "well you were wearing body armour"
    Before teaching the yobs
    we need to teach the police
  13. If they are caught, nothing will happen, Police wont have enough evidence to satisfy the CPS that a conviction can be obtained so will be classed as not in public interest to proceed.

    What SHOULD happen if they are caught is they get public birching or 12hrs in the stocks, parents loose all benefits for 12 months OR if working, given 100% tax code.

    Borstals should be re-introduced ASAP where they are taught discipline, respect, manners and given an education/taught a skill so they are useful to society when they are released BUT the release can only happen after full sentance is served. For any infraction 3 months added to sentance, not meeting required standards, extra 3 months and so on. As a reward, each time they pass standards then they get 1 week knocked off their sentance.
  14. there little bastards need a bit of tough love. The police should be allowed to give them a gentle shoeing around the back of the police station.

    Edinburgh is now full of eastern European scum who travel around in packs begging on the street.

    We have enough teenage scum here, we don't need more

    Can we just put up a big sign saying "SOD OFF, no vacancies" and send them some of our scum to play with
  15. Use disused oil /gas rigs as jails. Drop them off on it and once a week deliver food/water and then its up to them. It the place gets hammered by bad weather, TOUGH

    If it falls into the sea - TOUGH

    Illegal Immigrant with Criminal Record - Next plane home