Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Poppy, May 1, 2007.

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  1. http://newWar veteran is denied sight drug
    A war veteran who cares for his disabled wife has been refused drugs which could stop him from going blind.
    Dennis Devier, 84, from Henley, is already blind in one eye but needs a course of the treatment Lucentis to stop him losing his sight completely.

    Mr Devier, who has a condition called wet age-related macular degeneration, said: "If I go blind, (my wife) will be completely stranded and helpless."

    Oxfordshire PCT said it only provided the treatment in "exceptional" cases.

    If this situation doesn't change, we will be totally devastated

    Dennis Devier

    The former RAF flight engineer, whose wife Frances is in her 80s and can barely walk, has already spent more than £8,000 of his savings on private treatment.

    He said: "What's happening to me is completely outrageous. I'm told I'm not a special case.

    "If I go blind, it's going to cost the taxpayer thousands of pounds more to look after me - it's complete madness.

    "I don't want to think what will happen to my wife and I if I lose my sight.

    'Difficult decisions'

    "We are worried sick. If this situation doesn't change, we will be totally devastated."

    Oxfordshire Primary Care Trust has ruled that it will only pay for a course of Lucentis - which targets the growth of the protein in the eye that robs sufferers of sight - in "exceptional" cases.

    In a statement, the trust said: "We often have to make difficult decisions around prioritising NHS funding for treatments.

    "We currently do not routinely provide funding for the drug Lucentis, which has not yet been approved by Nice (National Institute for Clinical Excellence)."


    does anyone know Boris Johnson? He should be on the case
  2. Exceptional cases being anyone who hasn't served their country or paid their taxes no doubt.

    This decision is not only immoral, it is criminal! Where are the fecking human rights lawyers now?

    Those who have made it should be made to aswer for it once we chuck Labour from office.
  3. perhaps if he help make their treatment figures for illegal immigrants lower the money strangely would be found incase it affected his human rights
  4. its alright DB , Poppy just didnt see it........

  5. I was just shocked (though I don't know why, given the current state of affairs) that 2 ex-servicemen in different locations were in the same predicament. It's disgusting.
  6. I thank God that I live in Scotland, healthcare is far better.
  7. Why are the charities( RBL & SSAFA) who purport to be looking after the ex-service folk not fighting this gentlemans corner? Why isn't the mans doctor fighting for the man as well? Since this New Labour lot were voted in they have done nothing for the ex-service community except tax the a**e of them in their meagre pensions.The ex service family need a very bigger voice in order to stand up for them.Why not have an ex service member of parliament not connected to the government of the day.
  8. Hopefully the service charities could help.

    If not, how easy would it be to break into whatever stockpile of this drug exists (as it surely does) to redress this injustice? :x
  9. Lucentis has been approved by the European Union.

    Macugen is available in Scotland.

    I know it doesn't redress the injustice (someone should poke one of Hewitt's eyes out and threaten to poke the other one out and see how she likes it) but is there any way that people in this terrible position could temporarily reside in Scotland and get the treatment they need?

    Surely it is a "human right" to receive an EU-approved drug? Sorry, I forgot, in this country "human rights" are for prisoners who want to receive pornography or want to disguise their phone calls.

  10. So what is an exceptional case, I thought somebody serving their country was special enough. Im sure if it one of the Oxfordshire PCT, families or friends they would jump the queue straight away. Once again some one who's paid their taxes and served their country gets to spend their hard earned savings while the fat cats in administration of the NHS work out how to pay another suit his large wedge.