War veteran, 95, dies after a beating

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Random_Task, Jan 6, 2006.

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  1. Words fail me.
  2. Another sad sad loss.

    These scum must be caught and made to pay for their actions!

    Pitch forks and torches i say! :evil:
  3. GOM lives in the same area as this event. Local sources would suggest that members of the itinerant travelling community are being sought for interview.
  4. Modern Britain. What a Joke.
    Hang the Scum.

    RIP Old Fella
  5. RIP Old Sweat, and thanks for all you did.
  6. Which means that even if they're found, they'll probably just get an ASBO or something. It makes me want to hurl! :evil:
  7. May all people who prey on the elderly and infirm slow-broil in hell. :evil:
  8. Gosh.....What a civilised Country we live.......
  9. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Nope, no use at all - they should slowly broil before they get there - preferably, that being their method of getting there.

    Of course, it won't happen, and we are kidding ourselves if we hope otherwise. The chances of the Country ever being given a referendum on the restoration of Capital Punishment is, sadly, absolutely zero.
  10. Rip fella, and thanks

    Shooting for the people who done this would be too good.
    it should be brought into the youngster of today, exactly what some of these people did in order for our way of life to survive, CHAV scum should have all there toes nails pulled outthen knee capped, then killed slowly!!
  11. He sounds like a tough old soldier.
    It’s terribly sad to see someone who lived so long and given so much to be cut down like this.

    What the hell kind of question is that?
    she shouldn’t be wondering about how these murdering scum feel about what they’ve feel about what they’ve done, she should be thinking about when they’ll be caught and how they’ll be punished.
  12. I tell you how they will be feeling: They will be feeling nothing because these scum have no normal human feelings. They are cowards who prey on the weak and vulnerable. No doubt they are probably on bail, early release or parole etc. No doubt when caught there will be numerous people to defend their "Human" rights or blame their social conditions etc. I have a non PC solution for dealing with dregs like these.
  13. This thread is going the way a certain other went the other day!! There must only be so many types of punishment/torture/methods of execution for this, and other, acts of foulness.
  14. Thats because we are the voices of reason Growler. We need to put the fear of crime into those commiting it, as far as I'm concerned, you kill the weak and defenceless for pleasure or profit, you don't have any human rights.