War & The World Cup

Can any British Military historians out there help me on this one.

Out of all the 32 countries who made it into the world cup finals, how many have been to war with Britain? Can anyone produce a list in date order listing them all. Even the small and obscure battles fought in 18th, 17th & 16th centuries would be useful - the further back the better. Much appreciated as it will provide mw with some useful ammo for a debate I am currently having.

I have tried a few websites but none can provide a compact timeline detailing the info I have requested above.
Thing is, one man's war is another man's police action. Would you include unsucessfully putting down a treasonous to the crown rebelion in the colonies of the Americas as a war against a country?

Food for thought eh, now who do they sing two world wars and one wolrd cup to.......?
Germany - WWI + WWII
Ecuador - Never (except as part of Spain)
Poland - On French side in Napoleonic Wars
Costa Rica - Never (except as part of Spain)
Sweden - Never (except we may have been at war on paper during the Napoleonic Wars
Paraguay - Never (except as part of Spain)
Trinidad and Tobago - Never
Argentina - 1982
Netherlands - 3 Wars in 1650 - 1680
Côte d'Ivoire - never
Serbia and Montenegro - 1999 possibly otherwise as part of Austria-Hungary
Portugal - Never (except as part of Spain)
Mexico - Never (except as part of Spain)
Angola - Never
Iran - Never although there was some trouble in WWII
Italy - WWII
Ghana - Never
Czech Republic - Never
USA - 1775 + 1812
Brazil - Never (except as part of Spain)
Australia - Never
Croatia - German side WWII
Japan - WWII
Switzerland - Never
France - All the time 2nd Millenium (not currently at war at time of post)
Korea Republic - Part of Japan in WWII
Togo - Never
Spain - All the time 17 - 18th Centuries
Ukraine - Never except as part of Russia
Tunisia - Never
Saudi Arabia - Never

Hope this helps.
We were also at war with Argentina several times during the 19th century
Lasalle said:
Brazil - Never (except as part of Spain)
Serbia and Montenegro - 1999 possibly otherwise as part of Austria-Hungary
Brazil was Portuguese and Portugal are our oldest ally, so no, we haven't ever fought them. Serbia was on our side in WW1 so we haven't fought them either, unless you count Kosovo.
Using Lasalle's list as a starter.

Trinidad - didn't this change hands betweens us & the Frogs a few times ?.

Got this on Sweden by yahoo search on - Sweden war Britain - must be a list in the Country profiles link my my network is too slow at present.

Ought the France one be amended to add "but we should be" ?

Edited to add that Togo was a German protectorate in 1914, and I read recently that the first shots of WW1 were fired there. Not sure whether/how the statement should have been refined. Can't place where I came upon that gem.

Edited again war book mentions Aug. 7 British troops seize Togoland on the gold coast of Africa, and Aug. 26 Togoland surrenders to Great Britain. Maybe first shots by British troops after all on Aug 7. Bizarre

Yes - applogies to Serbia. Though Portuagal was annexed by Spain just before the Spanish Armada and most of the big ships in the Armada were Portugese.
stoatman said:
We were also at war with Argentina several times during the 19th century
Indeed, there ws a blackading war, with the UK and France allying against the Buenos Aires government in the 1840's or so... the fight was over sailing rights of the Plate and Parana rivers.

Also, in 1806 and 1807 there were two unsuccesful attempts of British Anexion of what is now Argentina. Left on her own by Spain, the local militia, aided by a few regular Army and Marine officers, were able to expel the british forces (headed by Gen. Beresford and Gen. Whitelocke; 1806 and 1807).

(Argentina as such only started to exist in 1853, or arguably, in 1860 after Buenos Aires joined the Confederation. Before that, they were the "United Provinces of the South", not unlike the 13 Colonies in the North prior to the US Constitution).

A few British banners and Flags from 1806/7 are kept over here (AFAIK) as War Trophies (no pun intended)


Edited for spelling
Also remembered a declaration of independence in Australia. IIRC it was confined to half a dozen stroppy miners in a small corner of one of the gold fields, but lives were lost over a few days. I wish I still had my memory for . er. detail.


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Tunisia occasionally from the 17-19th Centuries when the local Beys were all pirates (or legitimately taxing ships passing through their waters - depends on your view point!)
Lasalle said:
Sweden - Never (except we may have been at war on paper during the Napoleonic Wars
Switzerland - Never
Sweden was our ally in the Napoleonic wars, they carried on trading with us and during the time of peace between Russia and France the Russians invaded Sweden to please the French and themselves.

Switzerland helped the French fight the Russians at one point in the Napoleonic wars which made them enemies of Britain also (although many Swiss formed regiments to fight against the French and fought in the British army in particular).
The World Cup is like war, So are the Euro games which come two years later.

Remember back in 1996 when Germany beat england in the Euro 96, Every england fan went mad, It felt like as if the Germans won the war.
English_Pidgeon said:
We've fought the Yanks twice, first when they rebelled (more rebels than loyalists) and then we defended Canada from invading American forces in the war of 1812.

Not only that, we almost had a war with the U.S. in 1859 :eek:

to state Britain has "necer" been at war with Sweden is a bit of an exaggeration. The Swedish-British War of 1810-1812 was in fact a "paper" war and indeed British ships continued to operate from Swedish ports, despite technically a state of war existing between the two nations!

Czech Republic was formerly part of the Austro-Hungarian empire and so the same caveat that applies to Serbia and montenegro in Lasalle's list should apply.

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