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Discussion in 'Officers' started by inferiorsenseofhumour, Jun 9, 2010.

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  1. Hello all

    I've heard that during your final term at Sandhurst you will be required to complete 2 essays based on War studies and current affairs. The best 2 will get an award at the end. Can anyone give me a run down on what this may involve? There is very limited information on the Army website.

  2. I suspect they want you to do it yourself...
  3. I reckon...and it's hunch....that the essays you will be writing will be on War studies, and current affairs.
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  5. Cheer guys for your well written and informative replies

    What type of topics can you write about? Do they give you a list or do you just pick any old subject? A mock SDR maybe or a step by step guide to solving the Middle East crisis...
  6. I wrote about deception techniques on Die Wacht am Rhine for war studies. I think there was a choice of about three essay titles. I can't remember what I wrote about for defence and international affairs, but I think it was about NI.

    There used to be a prize for the best esaay for each subject - a book by one of the lecturers when I was there, and a prize for the best aggregate marks for academic subjects - The Trust Medal
  7. You will write about an element of the material you cover in your war studies and current affairs courses. Or maybe you want to set the world on fire and choose something individual.

    I can't honestly remember if they give you a set of titles/topics to choose from, but I suspect they do - easier to mark then and have a DS solution...
  8. Good thing we're not teaching our Young Officers to be able to apply independent thought and produce innovative solutions that challenge their Commanders......
  9. I seem to remember having choice of titles for DIA, and a completely free hand in the war studies essay. For what it's worth, my DIA one was on African security and my war studies one on whether 'future warfare' is a useful concept or not.
  10. Both offer questions to chose from. You are allow to choose your own but it must be approved and generally DIA make you stick to the pre-chosen list. There's not much point in thinking about it before you go to RMAS as it's constantly changing and I'm not even sure if they do just the 1 essay anymore (they were talking about changing when I finished and that wasn't even a year ago!).

    Take it one step at at time, most people do the essay last minute so I really wouldn't worry, there's much more to Sandhurst than Faraday Hall.....
  11. Here's a weird idea. You could always wait until you've been in RMAS for 22 weeks and make up your mind given the back ground of War Studies you have studied thus far?


    Ask your War Studies tutor for advice at the time.

    I'm pretty sure that once you're there and into it then the titles will come to you but I suggest choosing one you have a genuine interest in rather than simply cuffing it. What aspects of War Studies do interest you?