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Whilst skiving off work this afternoon I was perusing Soldier mag, it had an article about an exhibition they are running till November. The IWM are looking for serving soldiers, veterans and relative of veterans of the recent Afghanistan conflict to send in stories, pictures, uniform etc. This interests me as I've got things lying around that I think would be better off being in a museum than sat in a box in my shed so I signed up to their website so that I can look at contributing.

What I'd like to know has donated stuff the this collection or the IWM in general and how easy it was and whether with hindsight you regretted donating things. I'd also be interested in people opinions of exhibits of this nature. I think they're good because as the IWM put it we are "living history" and our story should be told.

War Story: Serving in Afghanistan | Imperial War Museums



Is this what you mean?

I haven't but I kept a diary and I wrote some bits. I'll get in touch with them.

Shame they don't want Telic stuff. I've got an MFO box full of that shite.
I didn't make it clear in my original post, but yes that's a link to the exhibitions website.


It's the same with memorabilia from every conflict.
I have some interesting material from a great uncle in WW1. It came to me by accident & if it hadn't come to me would likely have ended in a bin. The documents have been scanned and now appear on various relevant webites but I have a decision to make about what I do with the originals; do I pass to my grandson or do I pass to the Regimental or other Museum.
At the moment I'm just not sure.

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