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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Technocratic_Turbine, May 25, 2007.

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  1. I hope members won't find 'war' a little tacky, given that I'm not a member (past nor present) of the armed forces in which that word may seem inappropiate. If I've posted this in the wrong section I trust individual(s) will re-direct me to the appropriate section! Now onto the business at hand...

    Northern Ireland

    Anyone here who's served over there during the 'Troubles'?

    Can you share some of your experiences. Can parallels be drawn with such conflict zones are Iraq?

    Whilst the Troubles weren't as savage nor featured raw carnage as seen in Iraq, Bosnia, Rwanda etc it was still a bloody period. Did experience from serving in Northern Ireland help inform and refine British tactics when dealing with insurgents in Iraq - did this give us the edge compared to the US?

    What were the repercussions (if any) for Irish/Northern Irish nationals living on the UK mainland after a high profile bombing by the various denominations of the IRA?

    Can the Real IRA (RIRA) ever pose as big a threat as the Provisional IRA (PIRA) did during the height of the Troubles? Considering that they have pledged to continue the 'armed struggle' and have shown to be the most active. Since the Continuity IRA (CIRA) have remained practically idle as far as I'm aware.

    Before Iraq & Afghanistan hit the headlines, when violence was still rife and evident in Northern Ireland. Did soldiers particularly dread getting the call-up to serve over there? As it may be the case with going to Afghanistan/Iraq. Or did soldiers just shrug their soldiers and get on with it?


    Any member here who served in Bosnia 1995 onwards? Same for Kosovo 1999 onwards? Can you share your experiences.

    Should NATO have immediately (or as soon as it would've been feasible) to commence a ground invasion of Kosovo rather than just dithering with only air strikes? Afterall it is very hard to stop ethnic cleansing from the air alone.

    Were any British forces engaged in combat in either of the combat theatres?

    From reading various materiasl and talking with a friend from the Swedish Army (possible bias!). It seems that the Swedish armed forces rank as one of the best along the US/UK/Germany in terms of professionalism, skill, equipment and training. Has anyone trained or served alongside Swedish forces to comment on this?

    What's the nightlife like in Sweden?

    Does the STRV 122 MBT (heavily based on the Leopard 2A5) equal or surpass the Challenger 2, Leopard 2A and M1A2? I've heard that the M1A2 isn't all it's hyped up to be, including SEP variants.

    I hope people will have enough of an interest to comment :D
  2. What are your reasons for wanting to know such information?

    As we are all cynical round these parts, excuse me for accusing you of being a journo.
  4. Lol not at all, I understand the suspicion of journalists and their brethren. Although my word isn't proof of that statement I can assure you I have no wicked intention other than satisfying my curiousity.

    As I stated in my rather long winded post I've never been in the armed forces, so as you can imagine my contact with armed forces personnel would be rather limited. Whilst I know I should scout for books and I have (with Mark Urban's 'Big Boys' Rules' & Nick Curtis' 'Faith & Duty among others). However I find it more personal and resonant if I can actually read of personal accounts.
  5. To be honest mate, I dont think you will have much luck here.
    Its good that you want to know more about the experiences of people, but as Im sure you can imagine, generally speaking, peoples own personal experiences are exactly that, their own.
    Have a browse through youtube and liveleak and keep hitting those books.
    It is commendable that you take an interest, but please bear in mind that there are some questions that you just simply dont ask.
    For a lighthearted view of military life try this book.

  6. Thanks for being candid. I realise a public forum (open for public registration) may not be the most appropriate and perhaps the only places such stories are told are in secure barracks or the most intimate of public houses. However I'd appreciate it if you or anyone else can answer my other questions regarding Sweden? Seems strange but I've been fascinated with the place for two years plus genuinely interested about their military capabilities. I know they've served extensively on UN missions to Africa and of course the Balkans.

    Also if anyone is willing to share their experiences regarding the places I've mentioned, but in more vague terms and of course no names (not that I'm stupid enough to expect/want intimate and sensitive information shared) then that would be great. Even by PM. If not I understand and I hope we can carry some sort of discussion on this thread without making it completely redundant.