War Reserve

Does anyone know just what is held in 'war reserve stock' in case the world should come crashing down?

Granted, its unlikely with the current type of conflicts, and god knows if the public could even be arrsed to take up arms, but I suppose it'd be at least a little reassuring to know that the stuff is there 'just in case'...

So is there a warehouse full of all the kit that gets retired, SLRs, Chieftains, maybe a few Gazelles, and a fair bit of ammo and fuel to go with them, or is everything just melted down or turned into razorblades when its retired?
Given that the Green Goddesses have gone, it seem likely that everything pre-2003 has gone bye-byes.

As Telic and Herrick are using up stuff fairly quickly, it would also seem that the post-2003 stuff is in short supply.

Oooer, better start saving the Green Shield stamps again.
War Reserve? War Reserve!?! ...wtf! we don't even have primary kit :(

When the balloon goes up, I'm running to my nearest Cotswold Camping ( - unless of course its a zombie invasion - then I'm going to the shopping mall)

Hmm I can see how you'd flog AFVs and ships off to some third world country, if it came to using them they'd probably be outmatched, no trained crews and impossible to get spares anyway...

How can they flog aircraft though? I mean surely when we decide to stop flying them its because theyre dangerously close to dropping out of the sky... Hmm not quite sure I'd want to be an Indian Sea Harrier pilot!

Alright, all the big kit aside, they must at least have small arms? I mean, hardly any sort of support needed, probably wouldn't earn you much anyway, and its sort of 'the final resort' isnt it!
Gook said:
Alright, all the big kit aside, they must at least have small arms? I mean, hardly any sort of support needed, probably wouldn't earn you much anyway, and its sort of 'the final resort' isnt it!
I can imagine that there are boxes and boxes of Oximes in the War Reserve, but Thalidomide as a weapon of last resort? Would it be on the shelf next to the MMR vaccines?
war reserve that would be considered a waste or resources if there was more cash would be better spent on smarter stuff than more of same. If something was to happen troops could redeployed and iraq or afganistant slak would have to be taken up by someone else or not.
Hardly buying new kit, just keeping a bit of the old...

Did we give ALL of our SLRs to Sierra Leone then, are they all walking about with one in each arm...!
Surely War Reserve has disappeared now that we have 'just in time purchasing' and 'smart acquisition'.

During the cold war, all units ran two ammunition accounts. One would be for training stocks and the other War Reserve. The war reserves had to be retained at a deployable level.

The thing i want to know is what has happened to the War Reserve Rum?
In the fuel world, due to the nature of the product, its hard to keep large quantities for that "just in case" scenario. Mainly due to the degradation of it. On average fuel will last a year before it has to be rotated
During the fuel strike, the military tightened its belt as much as the civilian did.
We do need some fuel in reserve though...
Is there a 'stock rotation' kind of method where you dont have the same fuel sitting in tanks for years, but there is an amount held which changes (use the oldest first, then top it up again)?

Is there a national reserve of fuel or is it just whats in the refineries/petrol stations tanks at the time?

Hmmm not much in the way of weapons or ammo in stock neither I bet, just as well I suppose considering the public would probably rather watch I'm a Celebrity rather than do anything in a crisis!

Mr Happy

I believe there are plenty of spares lying around in big ware houses, however, what kit that can be sold is (e.g. L/R) but not melted down into razor blades (e.g. SA80). the fact is that old stock needs maintaining too, and that is a cost, so its worth getting rid of it when its no longer on general issue or use - if you got issued Larkspur you're pretty much not gonna be able to talk to anyone anyway..

IIRC, war reserve is always unissued kit, so your old Browning 9mm isn't in a warehouse. But there might be one that's still got its packing grease from 1977 in its original box..

Certainly L/R sellers seem to occasionally offer a war stock rover which is gleaming.
theoriginalphantom said:
we could start an advertising campaign like this old classic.


Tell me, if I were to buy a present (say, a piece of silver) for my local regiment, there are no rules preventing the regiment from accepting it as a gift, right?

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