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A former Sky News correspondent, who resigned after using misleading film footage in a report on the Iraq war, has been found dead at his home.

James Forlong, who had worked for the satellite news channel for 10 years, was discovered just after 2.30am on Saturday.

James was found by his wife Elaine at their house in Hove, West Sussex.

Mrs Forlong said she and their 15-year-old son Christopher - who has Down's Syndrome - and 12-year-old daughter Katie were in a state of shock.

In a statement she said: "The family are devastated by his death which we are still trying to come to terms with.

"James was a devoted, loving father and husband and we shall all miss him desperately."

The experienced reporter quit in July after the BBC documentary series, Fighting The War, claimed he faked a report about the firing of a submarine missile into Baghdad.

His wife said he had taken the news very badly. "James had been shattered by the recent blow to his career as a journalist," she said.

"He deeply felt the loss of his job as a television correspondent.

"James was an award-winning journalist who had spent the last 10 years travelling to some of the world's worst trouble spots including Rwanda, Bosnia, Indonesia and Afghanistan and cared passionately about his work."

In a direct plea to the media, Mrs Forlong said: "As you will appreciate, it is an extremely difficult time and we would ask you to respect our privacy." She added that the family would not make any further comment.

A Sussex Police spokesman said a post-mortem would be carried out tomorrow.

Nick Pollard, head of Sky News, said: "This is a terrible personal tragedy and a shocking blow for James's family.

"Everyone here sends their deepest sympathies to James's wife and children."

When he left Sky, James admitted: "It was a lapse of judgement, which, for me, is a source of deep regret.

"There was never any conscious intent to deceive the viewers."
When compared with the selective reporting, distortion and other trickery employed by the media, what was so bad about his 'crime'?
For the BBC to complain about it, well, words fail me.
As said before, stupid bloke, but can we hope T B Liar would ever show any such remorse???
Sorry, stupid rhetorical question.
The Sky news editors should have realised that the footage was shot before the war. How the feck were a film crew supposed to get their stuff back to UK from a submerged sub?

No reason to top yerself though.
1. He can't have done it on his own. Where are the editors, producers and technicians who helped him and will they fall on their swords?
2. This seems no more dishonest than the rest of the rubbish we are presented with as news; library footage, jounalists interviewing journalists, needless outside broadcasts.
3. When will the BBC apologize for presenting Comical Ali's statements as newsworthy? They were the last people to realize he was making it up and were in the habit of presenting his fairy tales alongside coalition statements as if they were somehow equivalent.

The family has my sympathy.

If James Forlong had lived, in a deception by the media to give the impression of media integrity, Forlong would be "sent to Coventry" (there being no striking off/deregistration for errant journalists as there is in the professions.) No, he probably didn’t pull the deception off on his own but it was hardly a criminal deception. Just routine media invention and half truth. So why should he be cast out? Media!? Journalists!? Get me my medication…..

So, he had lost his undeserved (as it is by most media types) exalted status and the big bucks. His media colleagues would be saying “disgrace to the profession”. (Kidding themselves that journalism is a profession. It’s not. ) By journalistic standards, he would be a disgrace if that was only his first offence.

Resigning did him credit but then he put his family through even more heartache. Wife and two children, one with Down’s syndrome? Surely he would have been more use to them alive and ashamed than dead by his own hand?

Still, there was only one man who knew what was going on in his mind when he took his own life.


he wasn't alone in that. he was also paid an exorbitant amount of money to keep quiet, to step down and resign as if he was at fault, look like the bad guy, and in return he was set up for damn near the rest of his life!

Now, look how long(short) his life really was, compared to the money he received. His wife doesn't have to work any longer. His kids are set up also. Never will they ever have a need for anything again, exept for their Daddy.

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