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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by The-Lord-Flasheart, Sep 27, 2007.

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  1. Just spotted this on another board. Made me leak wee wee out of my pants.


    This is what it says on the back of the picture;

  2. Awesome, I hope a copy was presented to each of them on leaving the service.
  3. Priceless Flashy, priceless! It brought a lump of pride to my throat reading that! I'm quite emotional now.....

    How could we lose with men such as these....???
  4. Glad the RAF has such high standards in the past.Told my dad who retired5 years ago fromthe RAF and says this exacting standard has been continued to this present day....he himself flew 6,000 miles from Ascension to Port Stanley only to miss the bl**dy target which was the airfield!!
  5. I just finished reading the book about the Black buck raid....... doesn't matter that they missed, the trip there and back was ordeal enough.

    Flash would have been visiting the SAAM complaining of popped ears and looking for a note from matron before the Groundies had pulled the cab out of the hangar.

    Go and get your old man a pint............ and suck him off from me :D
  6. Poke off donut. You used to cry when a cab started up.

    patchemup, my dad prob knew your dad. ;)

    The Black Buck raids were very impressive.

    Have a gander at how the op was pulled off here

    Most think it was just a couple of Vulcans dropping a couple of bombs on Stanley but the pic below gives you some idea of the amount of back up the op recieved.

  7. My father thanks you for the pint...i'll get it when i get off tour but the sucking off...different thing all together.He asks you not to look at the photo's...he's the one in the issued 1942 shorts photo designated "the primary crew"
  8. Only if you were driving......... murderer

    Despite them being crabs, total admiration for the bravery of the crews involved, awesome mission from wheels up to landing safely home.
  9. I was cleared! (5 times...)

    I'd say the mission was awesome way before wheels up though. You just need to look at the timespan from being given the op to what the ginger beers achieved bolting and bodging kit to the aircraft.....mostly from museums.
  10. Yeah but BATS get no credit....................... ever :D
  11. Flash,he probably did.He was 44 Sqn at the time(me thinks),involved with the Vulcan at Brunting thorpe and some where else.Takes them for high speed runs down the taxiways.

  12. Good drills!

    558 should be up soon?
  13. Yes, on the same day we nail blancmange to the ceiling.

    I've got more chance of spudding Xena Warrior Princess than seeing a flying Vulcan again.......... mores the pity

  14. Be careful what you say mate.

    Tombstone over on Pprune made this comment a while back "I will walk into each and every Sqn crewroom at Marham, naked with a rose between my arse cheeks, singing a song of your choice if the Vulcan ever flies again."

    Seems he may well have a sore botty in the near future.

    Whats your challenge? :D
  15. I'll steal it and drive it though Sinn Fein HQ