War Poetry

Having taken Mrs Tombs to her Great Uncles grave today to put a RBL cross on his grave
I thought I would treat you all to a poem found in his notebook after he died.
Uncle Harry was a CSM in the Wiltshire Regiment who was a regular before the Great War; he caught a "Blighty" one and was transferred to the UK mainland where he died months later due to Gangrene.
I have never been a poetry fan apart from Kipling whom I have worshiped since discovering him rather late in life, however I didn't think Uncle Harrys efforts were that bad.

When I think of you, the shadow
That surround the lonely day
Seem to fold their wings of darkness
And in the silence pass away.
All the hours are filled with music
Like the echo of your voice
The remembrance that you love me
Makes this heart of mine rejoice.
I am proud that I have found you
I am glad to know you true
Sorrow dies and sadness passes
When I think of you

When I think of you, my spirit
And my heart unite in prayer
For I thank the fate that sent you
To make life to me more fair.
There is hope where once was longing
There is rest where once was strife
Something greater, deeper, nobler
In the daily toil of life
For the knowledge that you love me
Dwells in every thing I do
Though apart we are not parted
When I think of you.

Poem taken from CSM Harry Musselwhite’s notebook circa 1916.
Thanks for the post HT. A poignant reminder about what today is all about.

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