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Discussion in 'Poetry Corner' started by Pararegtom, Aug 6, 2009.

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  1. Pararegtom

    Pararegtom LE Book Reviewer

    I received this today from a Lad. who has recently got back from Afghaistan, having read it , I think it,s worthy of being shown to a bigger audience. Their bravery and Courage is never in question they have proved this many many times. It,s not Kipling or Owen but it,s rings so true, and thats why Hols4Heroes is soo important that we on this site support our troops.PRT

    When you're lying alone in your Afghan bivvy,
    And your life depends on some MOD civvie
    When body armour's shared (one set between three),
    And the firefight's not like it is on TV,
    Then you'll look to your oppo, your gun and your God,
    As you follow that path all Tommies have trod.

    When the gimpy has jammed and you're down to one round,
    And the faith that you'd lost is suddenly found.
    When the Taliban horde is close up to the fort,
    And you pray that the arty don't drop around short.

    Stick to your sergant like a good squaddie should,
    And fight them like satan or one of his brood
    Your pay it wont cover your needs or your wants,
    So just stand there and take all the taliban taunts
    Nor general nor civvies can do aught to amend it,
    Except make sure you're kept in a place you can't spend it.
    Three fifty an hour in your Afghani cage,
    Not nearly as much as the minimum wage.

    Your missus at home in a foul married quater
    With damp on the walls and a roof leaking water
    Your kids miss their mate, their hero, their dad;
    They're missing the childhood that they should of had
    One day it will be different, one day by and by,
    As you all stand there and watch, to see the pigs fly

    Just like your forebears in mud, dust and ditch
    You'll march and you'll fight, and you'll drink and you'll bitch
    Whether Froggy or Zulu, or Jerry, or Boer
    The Brits will fight on 'til the battle is over.

    You may treat him like dirt, but nowt will unnerve him
    But I wonder sometimes, if the country deserves him.
  2. A good call to post that mate. Thanks for sharing it.