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Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by sandymancan, Apr 21, 2007.

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  1. Hi guys and gals has any one tried to claim a war pension, and if so did you find the paper work and help in getting the claim sorted easy or a right nightmare????????? I served for 24 yrs in the infantry 10 of them with a shaged back the agro I have had trying to claim is crap you would think the veterans agency would be on the troops side ha ha joke the paper work is amazing eg what is the reg number of the first medic to treat you how the f++k would i no i was full of happy drugs, moto of the story if you hurt your self keep a note book handy and even if you a bleeding to death take notes of every thing im not joking the mod will screw you if they can.And when you leave for gods sake drop the medic a crate and copy your med docs cos belive me they will vanish in to thin air the moment you try to claim. :? :?
  2. I have dealt with many people who have claimed for War Pensions, when wearing my other hat.None of them have had the problems you claim to have had.The main details they have had to remember were, what happened, when it happened and where it happened. So either you are another one of those scum of the earth rooting around for a story about how badly the MoD treat veterans.OR you need to get in touch with your local SSAFA,RBL or Veteran's Agency Welfare Office and complain about the lack of assistance.
    If you are genuine , good luck.
  3. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
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    Likewise. I have helped people claim a War Pension, I also have a War Pension myself. Took & takes time but at no time have I felt the staff at the Veterans Agency were anything other than helpful.
    As Halomonkey says, if you are having problems get one of the ex-service charities to give you a hand. They will be more than pleased to assist.
  4. I have a War Pension myself and had no problems claiming it other than I was moving back to the UK at the time so the 'venue' of the examination kept changing. Other than that, a few arguments, an appeal in London which I won but generally I've dealt with everything on my own, although the Rev Martin Smyth then my MP did put in a word for me.

    I'm not sure that really helped but he did have better headed notepaper than me. As previously said there are those who are only too willing to help.
  5. likewise no probs, just basic skill of being literate and it was sorted, even advice if i wanted to claim more. Checked the form, nowhere does it ask for reg number of medic that treated you.
    I think this person doth protest too much!!!
  6. Whilst I have to agree that the Veterans agency are on the whole very helpful. It has taken me over 4 years to finally get my pension.
    Still all sorted now.
  7. Had mine for some years now , although there were comprehensive medical records listing how my hearing had deteriorated over the years it still took 8 months and numerous appointments to get it sorted.
    I didn't use the RBL or SSAFA but I do know they are there to help if needed , best of luck to those applying but be aware the basterds will wriggle out of paying if they can.
    Also be aware that if it is for loss of hearing think carefully before asking for a review if it gets worse, there is a definate likelyhood it would be reduced and the excuse of "age related" used
  8. For the last 6 months of service I was ordered to remain at home whilst all the paperwork was sorted out. Once the stuff had been agreed on with Blackpool my discharge was put in place so the pension started rolling in from day 1.
  9. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    I have just seen the claim form and it does look a little daunting. Now I know where to come and ask I now feel confident to tackle said document. 29 pages of repeated questions does seem a little ott though.
  10. Get a copy of your F/Med/4 and all enclosures. It makes the whole task a lot easier. I didn't have that much to fill in since most was done by the officers whilst still serving.
  11. If you get SSAFA or the RBL to deal with it, then you won't have to worry about filling it in or having any of the docs required.They will take it on and deal with/help with it from start to finish.Take all help available :D
  12. Yep and just make sure you have documentary evidence if possible to ensure you can prove your injury was "attributable to service" and remember this: if there is doubt, the doubt must be awarded to the soldier. If they turn you down or try to fob you off with a one-off payment - APPEAL and if they still don't give you what the War Pensions Officer say you should have don't be afraid to take it to tribunal because that will knock the Veteran's Agency on their arrse.

    Remember, they are a government department and they'll screw you if they can.

    Been there, got the teeshirt and am now eating the stew.
  13. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Thanks for all the positive thoughts but how do you get a copy of your F/Med/4 when you have been out for 13 years?
  14. All of this will be sourced by the War Pensions people. Just get the application in and all else will follow
  15. What is essential is corroborating evidence. Photographs, documents, letters from pals confirming your memory of the events(s).

    Don't fall for the nicey nicey, "We're here to help you" routine. They'll avoid paying you if you are daft enough to accept it.

    They spent 10 years insisting I was an infantryman until I was brave enough to take it to tribunal - NODUFF.