War pensions

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by bleep323, Oct 18, 2011.

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  1. I'm quite sure this is a daft question but knowing how tight British governments can be, did those that were called up to fight inWW2 receive a pension on their retirement?
  2. are you asking about war pensions or army pension? in simple terms if you served
    you get an army pension based on rank, time served etc. war pension is for those
    injuried during said service. yer widows pension is fer widows of those that didn't
    come home. so yer gonna have to be more specific about yer request
  3. Yep I see where I went wrong and I just meant as it was a national emergency did those called up for service in WW2 get a military pension at 65? I always assumed they did but then something in a chat I was having today put doubt in my mind.
  4. Stop being an idle twat and try Google.
  5. No they don't.

    It was only in 1975 that deferred pensions for HM Forces came in. Prior to that, it was possible for someone to serve as long as 21 years (ie, less than 22 years) and not receive any form of pension for their time served, even to be paid at normal retiremen age.
  6. I admit to being an idle twat at times DD but I did google it and unlike here on arrse couldn't get a straight answer, cheers Stanchion.