Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by Thunderpants, Feb 11, 2010.

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  1. The new increase of compensation under AFCS is a step in the right direction for all our lads & lases injured from 2005.

    However having been discharged prior to this date i and many like me do not gain any benefits from it, the wording used by bob knob head is an insult to those injured and discharged prior to this date.

    All of us injured during the falklands,ireland,bosnia and many other theatres or even those injured on duty have been ignored in what i beleive is a national disgrace.

    I am currently 70% disabled and am just above the bread line, having to scrimp and scrape as i am unable to work, the paltry war pension would not even cover an mp's daily expenses.

    Is there going to be some form of campaign to challenge this disgrace not only for myself but also the thousands of others like me who have been well and truly stiffed.

    Where is joanne lumley when you need her

    :rmp: :soldier:
  2. They need to reasses the amount we get for War Pensions as well, Im about to contact the Legion about reassessing my %, Im losing the use of my left hand (and Im totally left handed) due to the the condition that I was assessed as a massive 20% for.
    Afghan is in the public eye at the moment which is why the AFCS has had a face lift.

    For 70% you must have some severe injury, I bet the WP for that is pittance.
  3. Took me TWENTY TWO fukin years to get a tax rebate off the assholes from my pension,a pittance to live on.
    I'll sign if/when it's going
  4. Every war pensioner should be treated the same when it comes to payout. No matter how long ago or how recent.

    I've seen changes to the system twice since I was boarded. You should see how little the guys from WW2 get. It makes my amount seem generous since it can actually feed the mouse in the attic.
  5. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Suprise statements from RBL & BAFF who have now agreed to a two tier system. Allowed the present Government easy point scoring for the next election.
  6. Got any links to these statements?
  7. A WP for 70% is £106 per week, on top of this you may get Unemployability supplement with kicks in at 60% but you have to claim this, they will not just give it to you.

    Unemployability Supplement £94.20 per week. If you get this supplement it opens up other allowances

    Additional allowance for spouse £53.10 pw.

    Additional allowance for children £26.85 pw.

    Invalidity allowance £12.00 pw.

    Comforts allowance £12.35 pw.

    Have a read


    I was MD out in 2006 its taken me this long to get to 70% & 1 court case which was settled out of court.
  8. Hi Thermostar

    Thanks for that info will have a good look at it,incidentally if you dont mind what was the court case about,should you not wish to disclose that information i fullly understand.

    The main reason i ask is that i have considered on many occassion pursuing a claim against both the spva and mod but havent had the balls.
    :soldier: :rmp:

    Incidentally i have e mailed RBL to voice my disgust at their back slapping and in my opinion betrayl
  9. We absolutely did welcome the increases. So did the Opposition parties, by the way, and every service charity whose comments I have seen. Our report posted while the SoS was still speaking in Parliament also pointed out that:

  10. This is to anyone with a War Pension, you must keep fighting to get the percentage you are happy with.

    No one else is going to help you,so you must help yourself, you've got to read all the documentation that the veterans agency send out to you, anything they publish on their own website which relates to you and your war pension.

    You have to make yourself knowledgeable on the subject, by not doing this you are letting yourself down and your family down financially.

    You have to use the same rules they use against you, back against them.

    There are countless postings on here about how the British Legion and other organisations have let people down at war pension tribunal's. don't become another statistic, you're better than that.

    Use the system that is in place to help yourself, ask your MP what is he/she going to do about your problem. If your local MP, comes across as not bothered, or just giving you lipservice, find out in your local paper what they're going to be doing locally and and do a one-person demonstration, this tactic worked for me.

    I asked for a meeting with my local MP & took my documentation along to the meeting, I had about 20 minutes with him and his colleague, 20 minutes is enough time to get a brief summary of your case across to anyone, because it is all you're going to get at a tribunal.

    After this meeting, I was informed that an arrangement had been made for a senior civil servant, from the SP&VA, my MP & myself, to meet up, this first meeting was cancelled due to the snow, however last week I was informed that the meeting has been rescheduled very soon. I know this may read like it is taking a long time to reschedule the meeting, but we are going into an election this year, I suspect all MPs are very busy saving their own skins.

    If we all did this, not only would your local MP no there was a proble with War Pensions in his/her constituency, at some point the government of the day would also know there was a problem with War Pensions.

    All of this takes time from personal experience,days turn into months and months turn into years, I'm not going anywhere, I'm maxed out on my medication.

    I take mood stabilisers everyday, antidepressants,Butrans, and other medication.

    I know this is a personal emotional rollercoasters, but by using this forum and other forums similar to this we can help each other.
  11. Hi themonsstar

    These additional supplements that you mention are all available, but you literally have to jump through hoops to get them and the system is heavily stacked against you as it's not designed to help you get them, but more to put you off from getting them. Each one of these Supplements is available to all war pensioners when their disability percentage reaches at certain level.

    However, even though your awarded percentage is based upon your level of disability and even though all the supplements are based upon disability percentages, nearly all of these Supplements require another medical assessment.

    Here's my story...

    I, like everyone else that was medically discharged attended a Medical Board, 3 times in all.

    - At my Medical Board I was assessed by THREE Doctors
    - For my DLA I was then assessed by another independent Doctor from the Department for Work and Pensions
    - For my War Pension I was Assessed by another independent Doctor from the for my SPVA
    - For retaining my Driving licence I was Assessed by another independent Doctor from the DVLA

    These resulted in a War Pension award, that after an appeal was raised, loss of my Cat-C & Cat-C+E and a 3 yearly medical review from my Cat-B licence and an award of DLA at the higher rate for both Mobility and Care.

    That's SIX Doctors. So along with those six Doctors, I also see a Consultant Neurologist every 6 months, a Rehabilitation Consultant ever 3 months and for medication monitoring and review, I also see my my GP every two months

    So my point is this. Even though those SIX Doctors have already made very lengthy and detailed reports the SPVA still insist on making more and more assessments ever time you become eligible for another supplement. Surely once they have made a percentage award for your level of disability and if that level is then enough for you to be able to claim further supplements, I would have thought that it would also make reasonable sense for those supplements to then automatically start and not be left for the Veteran to have to claim, as it currently is.

    Or has this Document already been consigned to File 13......

    The Nation’s Commitment: Cross-Government Support to our Armed Forces, their Families and Veterans

    Presented to Parliament by the Secretary of State for Defence and the Minister of State for the Armed Forces By Command of Her Majesty
    July 2008

    Us Veterans that were disposed of under the War Pension Scheme obvioulsy just aren't media friendly enough for our Lords-and-Masters to parade on TV. It's much better to focus on the AFCS as the bigger compensation numbers look much better in the papers and on the TV.

    We War Pension Veterans truly are, The Forgotten Army.
  12. I can only say that I agree with everything said, I have had to fight for every penny of war pension I get, and am realy fed up with being treated as a second class citizen because I was stupid enough to serve the Queen
  13. Wow heard it all before.

    The process that you have been through and are going through is more or less the same as my own.

    I see pain clinics who are unable to help, gp every week,home visits by mental health team due to my my ptsd with suicidal tendencies and severe aggression plus the other stuff.

    Have seen numerous psychiatrists who confirmed i am bolloxed and nothing they can do except up my meds and turn me into a zombie.

    See neuro surgeon every 3 months and varies other consultants for one reason or another.

    Have fought the spva as hard as i can have asked for the marking guidlines under the freedom of information act not provided and keep getting fobbed off.

    Have two appeals on going at the moment one of which was listed for november 2009 but they told me that it wasnt going ahead and then went ahead in my absence and i lost.

    This has now been set aside and now both hearing will be held together at sometime when they can be bothered where i will again be treated as a big scrounger.

    In the meantime i was supposed to have another medical to be held in a building without a lift, when i asked how do i get up the stairs was treated as if i was something they wiped off their shoes.

    What is also concerning is i am prone to violent outbursts and have never had a medical outside the home,yet they wnat me outside.

    I am a thorughly worthless ex soldier whose only crime was i did my duty for 20 years and treated like shite for it ever since.

    :soldier: :rmp:
  14. totally agree with a lot of the comments above!

    it took me ten years to get to 60% and im slowly getting worse!!

    the only problem with getting another medical is the fact they warn you that you could lose the award you are already getting

    i think that stops people from trying to claim more (well it does me anyhoo)
    there should be some ruling so they cant decrease your percentage!!
  15. The System sucks mate.

    Like I said, by focusing on the big numbers awarded under the AFCS it makes for better headlines. I mean, for my 70% I receieved a total of £12,176 whereas had that been under the AFCS it would have been somewhere in the region of £100k.

    So which looks better in the nations press and on the 24hour News Channels? A Soldier getting a 35% increase on an already paid award of £100k (£135k), or a soldier getting a 35% increase on an award of £12.176 (£16,437)....?

    No prizes for guessing which one eh..!

    I also served 21 years so I also got a 21 year service SAP, but the point is that I was only 1 years service from getting that anyway, so when you see, read and hear about those under the AFCS getting an upgrade because of the rank that they might have achieved, isn't that same principle still applicable to those that were discharged under the War Pension Scheme..?

    Seems to me that the federations like BAFF, RBL and SSAFA are now no better than the Government funded Quangos that operate purely to keep the piece between the general public and Government.

    If it's okay to re-write the principals of award for those that have already received Awards on the newer AFCS, then surely it must also mean that under the Equal Opportunities Acts, The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) and Anti-Discrimination laws that those same laws should stand to protect the interests of those that were Medically Discharged from military service because of disability under an older scheme...?

    I just keep hoping that one of the Journos or City Boys on here might just read these posts and make a few phone calls to an old chum that might want to take the fight up... We, the Forgotten, can only wait and hope for some proper justice..