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Discussion in 'Armed Forces Pension Scheme' started by davewhit, Aug 4, 2012.

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  1. Have reposted this as last post looked like a typed echo due to speech software problems (repeat posting of words)

    Awarded WP 19 years ago 60% with unsupp after 5 years got letter from WP saying moved from intrim to indef and they would only look again at pension, IF I had new evidance of illnes or increase in needs of care..... so for last 14 years get a letter at xmas about the tenner bouns and in april about rise.

    Now in my mid 50s.......... so is that it for ever ? as long as I dont ask for a review my pension will be paid till I drop dead?

    Someone told me that they use to write to drs and check up on people has all that ended due to staff cuts ?

    Thanks in advance Dave
  2. The two assessments are interim & final. If the Dr believes your condition(s) may get worse over time you ware given an interim award.

    At the time the Dr suggested your interim award needed looking at again or you ask for it they will re-assess you to see if your disability has got worse.

    If the Dr thinks your condition(s) are stable and unlikely to get worse the assessment will be final.

    Page 11 of the link explains:

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  3. thanks for that link it explains it in a way I understand !!! my speech software had made understanding the tech manuals very hard you link to a leaflet made it simple thanks
  4. Good find.

  5. I agree great find answers my question spot on again many thanks