War Pensions Petition

As so many war pensioners are having difficulty getting a satisfactory service from the veterans agency, and many awards are being reviewed on cost grounds, a friend who has just been harshly reviewd by the VA has raised a petitiion. Details can be found at:-


Please support this cause before more war pensioners are pushed into poverty because the government is trying to save money.
Many Thanks


Tel's a mate of mine too. Please give him my regards and tell him I've just signed (although my ISP is taking an age to get the response e-mail to me).

I too am going through a hard time with them just now, despite haveing won a tribunal but I know that Tel's situation is a helluvalot worse than mine.

Tell him I also said he's a fat cnut :D


I have to say that I didn't have any bother at all with the VA whatsoever, in fact they've been great with me as far as service wise goes. I agree that the war pension is poor though, particularly when you see what a Police Officer recieves if he loses his job through medical grounds. I'm on 80% just now and that's just slightly over half of what a police officer was quoted as getting last year for partial loss of hearing in one ear. I can't see why there's a difference between them and us and my condition is a damn sight more serious than loss of hearing. Thank f*ck a war pensions aren't taxed (although if Brown is reading this no doubt it soon will be) and that prescriptions are free (although if Brown is reading this they probably soon won't be).

I suppose the VA themsleves can only work within the expenditure given to them by this Government.

The NHS is sh*te though. I went private once just to get an operation done quicker as there was a likelyhood that I may not have been around for the loose dates that the NHS up here had given me. Luckily, the Consultant who saw me, only charged me for the consultancy and had me moved onto his NHS list (another county) there and then and I had both operations within 8 weeks.