War Pensions - Medical Examination by Atos

Discussion in 'Armed Forces Pension Scheme' started by EScotia, Jul 9, 2012.

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  1. I submitted a claim for a War Pension in January 2012 and despite SPVA having all my medical records they are sending me to be examined by an Atos doctor.

    I'm aware Atos has had a very bad press for quite some time and despite searching t'internet I can find little about Atos and their War Pension medicals.

    Can anyone out there give me any recent info on Atos and how they go about War Pension medicals as all I can find is DWP stuff (been there, done that & won the Tribunal)?
  2. Obviously no-one else has been forced to go through ATOS for War Pension then!
  3. Only thing I found of note is that it is the same company that the Government uses for assessing benefit claims from those on sickness benefit but the staff have been made to sign the OSA. Stinks of a cover up already!
  4. Or it may be that they will be dealing with people who have served on special operations, got injured and those missions are still secret, not all in life is a conspiracy.
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  5. I thought David Cameron had announced that injured soldiers would not be subject to these checks.
  6. [h=1]EScotia,
    I was seen by an ATOS Doctor as part of my War Pension claim for knackered knees (Bi Lateral Osteo wotsit) in Luton back in 2009. The appointment was in a run-down (not quite derelict) office block, even the Doctors desk was falling apart. I took a copy of my Med docs but did not need them, I would take yours just in case.
    [/h][h=1]The Doctor had some trouble completing the form (he obviously had not seen or filled out the form before), as he had to re do a couple of his notes. English was not his first language; he had to read the questions out loud to himself before asking me. The physical examination only took 10 minutes and he seemed happy with my responses to the questions. [/h]I was dubious about it, given that ATOS seemed such a poor outfit, but the award came through as a middle rate Gratuity, which, for the constant discomfort, occasional pain and the lack of mobility, I feel is acceptable. My case was straight forward and was dealt with in a reasonable time frame. I will be submitting another claim at some point in the future as my cartilage is wearing down and I am experiencing pain more frequently.

    Good Luck with your claim.

  7. I wrote to the Prime Minister asking if the cuts to staff in SPVA and the time taken to process claims under WP & AFCS conflicted with the Armed Forces Covenant. I got a reply today, signed by the PM, which completely side-stepped the Covenant issue but did sympathise with the time it all takes!

    He did state that " The Ministry of Defence is streamlining the process to improve the situation and they have appointed several new Medical Advisors and caseworkers who will help to reduce processing times." Obviously that means the MoD have outsourced the work to ATOS due to their experience dealing with DWP claims.
    Standby for massive complaints if they deal with WP & AFCS claims in the same way they deal with DWP ones :evil:
  8. Have a mate arguing his illness is an illness with Atos.

    I'm not convinced Atos has that much of free hand, I'm working with Atos up norf and I can't see that much difference between them and the NHS equivalent down south.
  9. Their staff will be privy to sensitive data including National Insurance Numbers so they will have to sign the OSA like even the lowest Civil Serpent has to.

    There you go, saved you a fortune in tin foil and now I'm off to Paris in my white Fiat Uno.......
  10. National insurance numbers would only require you to be proficient in the DPA and not the. OSA.
  11. What is so secret about NI numbers?
  12. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    ATOS tried to grade my mate with degeneretive disc disorder and a serious stroke as improving, he asked if they thought he could have a spinal transplant as the surgeon who had worked on him said that was all that was left and he will be chairbound till he dies! Atos dont always play by the rules let alone fairly and asking for their BMA license to practise number usually puts them off. Always go with an assistant if possible and remember that when you get assessed you may be having a good day but that could be rare and you dont want to be rated upwards on the basis of one days examination do you!